K3N4C1000D-TE Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

K3N4C1000D-TE Datasheet, 8M-Bit CMOS Mask ROM

K3N4C1000D-TE   K3N4C1000D-TE  

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K3N4C1000D-TC(E) 8M-Bit (1Mx8 /512Kx16) CMOS MASK ROM FEATURES • Switchable o rganization 1,048,5762 x 8(byte mode) 5 24,288 x 16(word mode) • Fast access time : 100ns(Max.) • Supply voltage : single +5V • Current consumption Ope rating : 50mA(Max.) Standby : 50µA(Max .) • Fully static operation • All i nputs and outputs TTL compatible • Th ree state outputs • Package -. K3N4C1000D-T

K3N4C1000D-TE Datasheet, 8M-Bit CMOS Mask ROM

C(E) : 44-TSOP2-400 CMOS MASK ROM GENE RAL DESCRIPTION The K3N4C1000D-TC(E) is a fully static mask programmable ROM f abricated using silicon gate CMOS proce ss technology, and is organized either as 1,048,576 x8 bit(byte mode) or as 52 4,288 x16 bit(word mode) depending on B HE voltage level.(See mode selection ta ble) This device operates with a 5V sin gle power supply, and all in

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