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Part YMU769
Description Mobile Audio 5 Type S
Feature ( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) YMU769 MA-5S Mobile Audio 5 Type S „ Outline ry a y n iar m n .
Manufacture Yamaha
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( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) YMU769 MA-5S Mobile Aud YMU769 Datasheet
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( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com )
Mobile Audio 5 Type S
„ Outline
YMU769 has a virtual speaker image function, so that it is the most suitable LSI as a sound source output device
which is used in mobile phones for high functional game sounds or high quality ringing melodies, and so on.
Synthesizer section in YMU769 adopts “stereophonic hybrid synthesizer system” that is given advantages of both FM
synthesizers and Wave Table synthesizers, makes it possible to generate up to 32 FM voices and 32 Wave Table
voices simultaneously.
Since FM synthesizer is able to provide countless voices by specifying parameters with only several tens of bytes,
memory capacity and communication band can be saved, and thus, the device exhibits the features in operating
environment of mobile phones such as allowing distribution of arbitrary melodies with voices. On the other hand,
Wave Table synthesizer can pronounce the voice stored in ROM, and in addition it can handle arbitrary
ADPCM/PCM voices by sequencer. Furthermore, the Stream Playback function, and the time-variant low pass filter
function by AL (Analog Lite) Synthesizer are equipped.
YMU769 has two-channel virtual speaker image functions based on DVX technology, so that natural stereo sounds
can be realized even in an environment such as two adjacent speakers on a small body like mobile phones.
Integrated stereo speaker amplifiers make external components unnecessary and consequently it saves space.
In addition, YMU769 has a built-in circuit to control an LED or a vibrator synchronously to music, and has a power
down mode for saving supply current to a minimum.
„ Features
¾ Simultaneous generation up to 64 tones by stereophonic hybrid synthesizer.
¾ Equipped with time-variant low pass filter function by AL (Analog Lite) synthesizer.
¾ Stream replay with ADPCM / PCM is possible.
¾ Has built-in default voices for FM and Wave Table synthesizers in the ROM, and the voices can be
downloaded to SRAM.
¾ Has built-in SD (Stereo Dipole) function by DVX technology.
¾ Equipped with speaker amplifier and equalizer circuit.
¾ Equipped with a stereophonic output pin for headphone.
¾ Equipped with vibration control circuit, and LED lighting control circuit.
¾ Has built-in PLL and inputting of master clock up to 20 MHz is possible and supports TCXO
(Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator).
¾ Contains a 16-bit stereophonic D/A converter.
¾ Equipped with general-purpose I/O port (three parties)
¾ Has a function upwardly compatible to MA-5
¾ Has power down mode.
¾ Power supply for internal core
¾ Power supply for CPU I/O
¾ Power supply for speaker amplifier
¾ 48-pin QFN plastic package
2.65V 3.30V
1.65V VDD
VDD 4.50V
The contents of this booklet are target specifications and they might be changed without
notice. Please confirm the finalized specifications again before the use of this LSI.

„ Pin configuration
<48 pins QFN TOP VIEW>
2 Preliminary

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