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Chesen Electronics CSC1221
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USB-OTG Portable Hard Drive with MP3 Controller
Mobile storage device with MP3 player function
Support bi-direction data transfer from memory
card to hard drive
Support bi-direction data transfer from USB
devices (ex. Pen Drive, Flash Card, DSC, MP3
Player…) to hard drive
Play MP3 from hard drive, memory card and
external USB devices
On-Chip USB On-The-Go host and device
controller module
Compliant with OTG specification and USB
specification version 2.0 for full-speed (12Mbps)
USB hosts and devices
Support USB Mass Storage Compliant Devices
Support CF memory card interface (The others
memory cards support by CF adaptor)
Adaptive power management
Companion with CSA3001 MP3 decoder to form
a complete MP3 player solution
LQFP-128 pin package
The CHESEN CSC1221 USB On-The-Go (OTG) portable
hard drive with MP3 player controller is a special design for
portable data bank solution plus MP3 player function. It can
direct file transfer between external memory card and
internal hard disk. Besides, its OTG feature makes it can
direct connect with flash disk, card reader, MP3 player and
digital camera without needed of the computer.
It is an ideal and cost effective portable data bank turnkey
solution for directly files sharing system. It is not only data
backup, one more thing; you can enjoy the MP3 song.
USB OTG is a new supplement to the USB 2.0 specification.
It challenges the capability of existing mobile devices and
USB peripherals by giving them an added host capability for
connection to other USB devices. These new features were
needed to upgrade standard USB technology for mobile,
peripheral devices and gateway bridge. These new features
include the additional host capability, smaller connectors,
and low power output, which eliminate the current
limitation in the USB that requires a PC to act as host.
CSM6x51 8-bits Controller Core:
8 bits 8051compatible MCU core
Turbo mode with 2 clock per machine cycle
12MHz external ceramic resonator
24MHz internal CPU clock
Two 16-bits timer
Support power saving mode
Built in power on reset with watchdog function
64K byte internal ROM
256 byte internal RAM
In-chip 12K byte external mode data RAM
Support In-System-Programming (External Flash)
USB OTG Module:
Fully compliant with the USB specification Rev. 2.0
(full-speed) and OTG supplement Rev. 1.0
Support USB Message Storage Compliant Devices
and PTP protocol devices
Supports Suspend, Resume and Wakeup features
Integrated USB transceiver
Support ATA-66/ATAPI 6.0 hard drive devices
Support 2.5”, 1.8” IDE hard drive or 1” mini hard
Option companion with USB 2.0 device controller for
high speed (480Mbps) transfer with PC
Compact Flash Type I/II interface (others flash media
support via CF adaptor)
MP3 Interface:
Support serial/parallel bit stream type MP3 decoder
CSA3001 interface
Search all MP3 files format in the select target devices
Support MP3 bit rate from 32K ~ 320K
Support multiple play mode and play list
Functions buttons
- Up (V+); Down (V-); Previous; Next
- Enter (Stop); Execute (Play/Pause); Escape (Menu)
- Power; Reset
LCD Display Module
- 12 characters with 4 line message display
Option Rechargeable Battery Module
OTG Connectivity Product Series

CSC1221 Datasheet
Recommendation CSC1221 Datasheet
Part CSC1221
Description USB-OTG Portable Hard Drive
Feature CSC1221; ( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) CSC1221 Features ♦ ♦ ♦ USB-OTG Portable Hard Drive with MP3 Co.
Manufacture Chesen Electronics
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Chesen Electronics CSC1221
USB Mobile PC Free Data Bank
USB-OTG Portable Hard Drive with MP3 Controller
Digital Camera Direct Backup
Portable Mass Storage MP3 Player
CSC1221 Functional Block Diagram
CSC1221 Typical Application
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