DQ8020 Datasheet, Equivalent, Converter Manual.

MCC Manchester Code Converter Manual

Part DQ8020
Description MCC Manchester Code Converter Manual
Feature 8020 8020 MCC Manchester Code Converter TM 89305 Features s Compatible with IEEE 802.3 /Ethernet (10BASE5), IEEE802.3/Cheapernet (10BASE2) and Ethernet Note: Check for latest Data Sheet revision before starting any designs. SEEQ Data Sheets are now on the Web, at This document is an LSI Logic document. Any reference to SEEQ Technology should be considered LSI Logic. s Low Power CMOS Technology with Single 5V Rev. 1 Specifications s Compatible with 8003 ELDC® , 8005 Advanced EDLC s Manchester Data Encoding/Decoding and Receiver Clock Recovery with Phas.
Manufacture LSI Logic
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