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(IBM42x1xxNNAA30) Gigabit Ethernet / Fiber Channel Small Form Factor PTH Transceiver


IBM Microelectronics

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Features Datasheet pdf . IBM42G12SNNAA30 I BM42G10SNNAA30 IBM42F12SNNAA30 IBM42F10 SNNAA30 IBM42G12LNNAA30 IBM42G10LNNAA30 IBM42F12LNNAA30 IBM42F10LNNAA30 Gigab it Ethernet/Fibre Channel Small Form Fa ctor PTH Transceiver Features Internati onal Class 1 laser safety certified 1. 0625Gb/s or 1.25Gb/s data rates (ANSI) Fibre Channel compliant [1] (IEEE 802.3 ) Gigabit Ethernet compliant [3] Short wavelength (SW) (distance ≤ 550m) Lon g wavelength (LW) (distance ≤ 10,000m ) Gigabit electrical serial interface S erial electrical ⇔ light conversion L VTTL Signal-Detect Output AC coupling o f PECL signals Single +3.3V Power Suppl y Withstand normal wave solder and aque ous spray cleaning • UL & CSA approved • Low.
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IBM42G10LNNAA30 Datasheet
Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel Small Form Factor PTH Transceiver
• International Class 1 laser safety certified
• 1.0625Gb/s or 1.25Gb/s data rates
• (ANSI) Fibre Channel compliant [1]
• (IEEE 802.3) Gigabit Ethernet compliant [3]
• Short wavelength (SW) (distance 550m)
• Long wavelength (LW) (distance 10,000m)
• Gigabit electrical serial interface
• Serial electrical light conversion
• LVTTL Signal-Detect Output
• AC coupling of PECL signals
• Single +3.3V Power Supply
• Withstand normal wave solder and aqueous
spray cleaning
• UL & CSA approved
• Low bit error rate (< 10-12)
• High reliability: AFR < 0.01%/khr @ 50 C
• Gigabit Fibre Channel
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Client/Server environments
• Distributed multi-processing
• Fault tolerant applications
• Visualization, real-time video, collaboration
• Channel extenders, data storage, archiving
• Data acquisition
The 1.0625/1.25Gb/s Small Form Factor PTH
Transceiver (SFF-PTH-1063/1250-SW/LW-
2X5/2X6) is an integrated fiber optic transceiver that
provides a high-speed serial link at a signaling rate
up to 1.25Gb/s. The SFF-PTH-1063-SW/LW-
2X5/2X6 conforms to the American National Stan-
dards Institute’s (ANSI) Fibre Channel, FC-PI speci-
fication for short and long wavelength operation
(100-M5-SN-I,100-M6-SN-I, and 100-SM-LC-L).
The SFF-PTH-1250-SW-2X5/2X6 conforms to IEEE
802.3z 1000Base-SX standard [3], and the SFF-
PTH-1250-LW-2X5/2X6 conforms to IEEE 802.3z
1000Base-LX standard [3].
The SFF-PTH-1063/1250-SW/LW-2X5/2X6 is ide-
ally suited for Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel
applications which include point to point links as well
as Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL). It can
also be used for other serial applications where high
data rates are required. This specification applies to
a pin through hole (PTH) module which has a 2 by 5
or a 2 by 6 electrical connector pin configuration.
The SFF-PTH-1063/1250-SW-2X5/2X6 uses a short
wavelength (850nm) VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Sur-
face Emitting Laser) source. This enables low cost
data transmission over optical fibers at distances up
to 500m at 1.0625Gb/s and 550m at 1.25Gb/s. A
50/125µm multimode optical fiber, terminated with
an industry standard LC connector, is the preferred
medium. (A 62.5/125µm multimode fiber can be
substituted with shorter maximum link distances.)
The SFF-PTH-1063/1250-LW-2X5/2X6 uses a long
wavelength (1310nm) edge-emitting laser. This
enables data transmission at distances up to
10,000m on a single mode (9/125µm) optical fiber.
Encoded (8B/10B) [4], [5], gigabit serial differential
PECL signals traverse a PTH connector interfacing
the SFF-PTH-1063/1250-SW/LW-2X5/2X6 to the
host card. The incoming serial data modulates the
laser and is sent out over the outgoing fiber of a
duplex cable.
Incoming modulated light is detected by a photore-
ceiver mounted in the LC receptacle. The optical
signal is converted to an electrical signal, amplified
and delivered to the host card. This module is
designed to work with industry standard “10b” Seri-
alizer/Deserializer modules.
The SFF-PTH-1063/1250-SW/LW-2X5/2X6 is a
Class 1 laser safe product. The optical power levels
under normal operation are at eye safe levels, and
optical fiber can be connected and disconnected
without shutting off the laser transmitter.
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