DSS9NC52Axxx Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

DSS9NC52Axxx Datasheet, (DSS9 Series) Filters

DSS9NC52Axxx   DSS9NC52Axxx  

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DSS9NC52Axxx Datasheet, (DSS9 Series) Filters

ns or specifications transact the approv al sheet for product specifications bef ore ordering. C31E11.pdf 04.3.8 On-Bo ard Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filters ( EMIFILr) Disc Type EMIFILr Broad Type D SN9/DSS9/DST9 Series s Features DS_9 is a basic type EMI suppression filter wh ich can obtain high insertion loss in a wide frequency range. Its three termin al structure enables nice high frequenc y performance. DSS9NP32A222/DSS9NT31H22 3 are lost distortion types for audio c ircuits. 9.5 max. 4.0 max. 2.5±0.5 5. 0±0.5 I 1.5 max. 10.0 max. 1.0±0.5 ø0.65 GND I Q55 Type : 25.0 min. Q56 Type : 6.0±1.0 Q54 Type : 4.0±0.5 DS N9N_Q55B (in mm) 12.0 max. 7.5 max. 9.5 max. 10.5 max. 4.0 max. 1.5 max. 2.5±0.5 2.5±0.5 5.0±0.5 2.5±0.5 ø0 .65 GND I Q55 Type : 25.0 min. Q56 Type : 6.0±1.0 Q54 Type : 4.0±0.5 I 1.5 max. *1 15.5 max. Ferrite bead Ferr ite bead I1 5.0±0.5 1.25±0.5 ø0.6 5 DSS9N_Q55B DST9N_Q55B (in mm) GND *1 Bottom of the ferrite beads may not be level with each other. Q55 Type : I=25.0 min. Q52 Type : I1=6.0±1.0 Q50 Type : I1=4.0±0.5 (in mm) 4 DSN9 Ser ies Part Number DSN9NC52A271 DSN9NC52A2 22 DSN9NC51H223 DSN9NC51C104 Capacitanc e (pF) 270 +20%,-20% 2200 +20%,-20% 220 00 +50%,-20% 100000 +20%,-20% Rated Vol tage (Vdc) 100 100 50 16 Rated Current (A) 7 7 7 7 Operating Temperat

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