ALE14B24 Datasheet, Equivalent, Mechanical Relay.

(LE Relays) Mechanical Relay

Part ALE14B24
Description (LE Relays) Mechanical Relay
Feature VDE LE 16A Power Relay For Micro wave oven LE-RELAYS 5. A wide variety of types • Product line consists of 4 types with different shapes and pins 6. Conforms to the various safety standards: • UL/CSA, TÜV, VDE approved and SEMKO available 28.6 1.126 12.4 .488 FEATURES 1. Ideal for magnetron and heater loads 2. Excellent heat resistance • This satisfies UL coil insulation class B 3. High insulation resistance • Creepage distance and clearances between contact and coil: Min. 8 mm .315 inch • Surge withstand voltage: Min. 10,000V 4. Low operating power • Nominal operatin.
Manufacture NAIS
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ALE14B24   ALE14B24

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