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MRF5S21090HR3 Datasheet - To be Used in class AB for PCN-PCS/cellularradio and WLL applications

MRF5S21090HR3   MRF5S21090HR3  

Datasheet: MRF5S21090HR3 datasheet

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Description: Freescale Semicondu ctor Technical Data MRF5S21090H Rev. 1 , 12/2004 RF Power Field Effect Transi stors N - Channel Enhancement - Mode La teral MOSFETs Designed for W- CDMA base station applications with frequencies from 2110 to 2170 MHz. Suitable for TDM A, CDMA and multicarrier amplifier appl icat i o n s . To b e u s e d i n C l a s s A B f o r P C N - P C S / c e l l u l a r r a d i o a n d W L L applicati ons. • Typical 2 - carrier W - CDMA P erformance: VDD = 28 Volts, IDQ = 850 m A, Pout = 19 Watts Avg., Full Frequency Band, Channel Bandwidth = 3.84 MHz, Pe ak/Avg. = 8.5 dB @ 0.01% Probability on CCDF. Power Gain — 14.5 dB Drain Eff iciency — 26% IM3 @ 10 MHz Offset — - 37

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To be Used in class AB for PCN-PCS/cellularradio and WLL applications

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