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A1302 Datasheet - Continuous-Time Ratiometric Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs

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Datasheet: A1302 datasheet

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Description: A1301 and A1302 Continuous-Time Ratiomet ric Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs FEAT URES AND BENEFITS • Low-noise output • Fast power-on time • Ratiometr ic rail-to-rail output • 4.5 to 6.0 V operation • Solid-state reliabilit y • Factory-programmed at end-of-lin e for optimum performance • Robust E SD performance Packages: 3-Pin SOT23W (suffix LH) 3-Pin SIP (suffix UA) Not to scale DESCRIPTION The A1301 and A1 302 are continuous-time, ratiometric, l inear Hall-effect sensor ICs. They are optimized to accurately provide a volta ge output that is proportional to an ap plied magnetic field. These devices hav e a quiescent output voltage that is 50 % of the supply voltage. Two output sensitivity op

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Continuous-Time Ratiometric Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs

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