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AS3653 Datasheet
Recommendation AS3653 Datasheet
Part AS3653
Description Power Management Unit
Feature AS3653; Power Management Unit for Mobile Phones AS3653 General Description The AS3653 device is a highly in.
Manufacture austriamicrosystems
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austriamicrosystems AS3653
Power Management Unit for Mobile Phones
General Description
The AS3653 device is a highly integrated solution for
power supply generation and monitoring, battery
management including charging and SIM card
communication. It is controlled via a serial control interface
and integrates all necessary system specific functions such
as clock, reset and interrupt generation, voltage and
temperature monitoring, accessory detection and On/Off
Key Features
Supply Voltage Generation
1 Analogue High Current LDO (1.85…3.4V, 250mA)
1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 150mA)
1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 100mA)
2 RF Low Noise LDOs (1.85…3.4V, 100mA)
1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 10mA)
3 Digital Low Power LDOs (150mA)
1 SIM Card Supply LDO (1.8 / 3.0V, 20mA)
1 Low Noise, High PSRR Microphone Bias Generator
Complete Chemistry Independent Charger
Autonomous Trickle Charge Mode with 60min Timeout
Programmable Constant Current Charging
Programmable Constant Voltage / Pulse Charging
Integrated Gas Gauge
Overvoltage protection: Battery and Charger Voltage
Operation without battery
Battery presence indication
Programmable backup battery charger
SIM Card Interface
Transparent SIM Card Interface with signal level
translators and enhanced ESD protection
System Control
Clock Generation including low power 32kHz crystal
RTC with Alarm Function
Programmable Reset Generation for System Controller
Programmable Interrupt Controller
Programmable Battery Voltage Monitor
Temperature Sensor to prevent failure of the device
due to excess power dissipation
2 programmable Accessory Recognition Input Pins
On/Off Control Module
Programmable Watchdog Module
2 General Purpose Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
Outputs with programmable frequency and duty cycle
2 General Purpose LED Pattern Generator Outputs
with programmable pattern and repetition period
8 General Purpose Input / Output Pins
Wide Battery Supply Range 3.0…5.5V
Serial Control Interface
On-Chip Bandgap Tuning for High Accuracy (±1%)
Excess Current and Thermal Protection
0.35µm CMOS Solution
QFN48 package
Power Management Unit for GSM Mobile Phones
1 Cell Li+ or 3…4 Cell NiMH powered devices
© 2004 austriamicrosystems AG. All rights reserved.
March 20045
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austriamicrosystems AS3653
1 Block Diagram
AS3653 Product Brief
© 2004 austriamicrosystems AG. All rights reserved.
March 20045
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