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Part LP5520
Description RGB Backlight LED Driver
Feature www.DataSheet4U.com May 2007 LP5520 RGB Backlight LED Driver LP5520 RGB Backlight LED Driver Gener.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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May 2007
RGB Backlight LED Driver
General Description
The LP5520 is an RGB backlight LED driver for small format
color LCDs. RGB backlight enables better colors on the dis-
play and power savings compared with white LED backlight.
LP5520 offers small and simple driver solution without need
for optical feedback. Calibration in display module production
can be done in one temperature. LP5520 produces true white
light over wide temperature range. Three independent LED
drivers have accurate programmable current sinks and PWM
modulation control. Using internal calibration memory and
external temperature sensor, the RGB LED currents are ad-
justed for perfect white balance independent of the brightness
setting or temperature. The user programmable calibration
memory has intensity vs. temperature data for each color.
This white balance calibration data can be programmed to the
memory on the production line of a backlight module.
The device has a magnetic boost converter that creates up to
20V LED supply voltage from the battery voltage. The output
can be set at 1V step from 5V to 20V. In adaptive mode the
circuit automatically adjusts the output voltage to minimum
sufficient level for lowest power consumption.
Temperature is measured using an external temperature sen-
sor placed close to the LEDs. The second ADC input can be
used e.g. for ambient light measurement.
LP5520 is available in 25 pin microSMD™ package.
Temperature compensated LED intensity and color
Individual calibration coefficients for each color
Color accuracy ΔX and ΔY 0.003
12 bit ADC for measurement of 2 sensors
Adjustable current outputs for R, G and B LED
0.2% typical LED output current matching
PWM control inputs for each color
SPI and I2C compatible interface
Stand-alone mode with 1 wire control
Sequential mode for one color at a time
Magnetic high efficiency boost converter
Programmable output voltage from 5V to 20V
Adaptive output voltage control option
< 2 µA typical shutdown current
MicroSMD-25 package, 2.77 × 2.59 × 0.6mm
Color LCD display backlighting
LED lighting applications
Non-linear temperature compensation
Ambient light compensation
Typical Application
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Connection Diagrams
Thin microSMD-25 Package, Large Bump
NS Package Number TLA25EMA
2.77 x 2.59 × 0.6 mm
Top View
Bottom View
Package Mark – Top View
Ordering Information
Order Number
Package Marking
Supplied As
250 units, Tape-and-Reel
3000 units, Tape-and-Reel

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