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EPCOS B32326
AC Film Capacitors
Dielectric: polypropylene film
Plastic case
Polyurethane resin
Internal discharge resistor (on request)
Self-healing properties
Low dissipation factor
High insulation resistance
Typical applications
For general sine wave applications,
mainly as series and parallel connection
lighting capacitor
Single tag 2,8 mm
Mounting parts
Metal stud (max. torque = 5 Nm)
Plastic stud (max. torque = 3 Nm)
Technical data and specifications
Rated capacitance CN
Rated voltage UN
Rated frequency fN
Life expectancy
Maximum ratings
Maximum permissible voltage Umax
Maximum permissible current Imax
B 32 326
IEC / EN61048 / 61049
(except destruction test)
2 .. 45 µF
± 5% , ±10%
250 .. 450 Vac
50.. 60 Hz
10 years
1,1 x UN (UN: rated voltage)
1,3 x IN (IN : rated current)
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B32326 Datasheet
Recommendation B32326 Datasheet
Part B32326
Description AC Film Capacitors Lighting
Feature B32326; AC Film Capacitors Lighting B 32 326 Construction Dielectric: polypropylene f.
Manufacture EPCOS
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EPCOS B32326
AC Film Capacitors
B 32 326
Technical data (cont`d)
Test data
AC test voltage terminal to terminal UTT
Insulation voltage terminals to case
Insulation resistance Ris or time τ constant at 20 °C
Rel. Humidity 65 °C (minimum value)
Dissipation factor tanδ at 20 °C
Maximum rate of voltage rise du/dtmax
Climatic data
Climatic category
Lower category Tmin
Upper category Tmax
Damp heat test ttest
Permitted capacitance C/C
2,0 x UN , 60s
2000 Vac
3000 s
1,0 x 10-3 (120 Hz)
10 V/µs
in accordance with IEC 60068-1
-25 °C
+85 °C
21 days
Note :
1) It should be noted that presence of harmonics produces over voltage & over current on capacitors. Resonance may
cause serious damage to installation if a siginificant level of total harmonic distortion level exists for voltage or current.
In such cases, series reactors must be considered.
2) Operating temperature class: In accordance with the reference standards, these temperatures are those measured on
the surface on the capacitor
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EPCOS B32326
AC Film Capacitors
Dimensional drawings
B 32 326
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