2001 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

2001 Datasheet, 2SC2001


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www.DataSheet4U.com MCC Features • • •   omponents 20736 Marilla Street Chatsworth     !"# $ %    !"# 2SC2001 Capable of 0.6Watts of Power Dissipation. Collector-curren t 0. 7A Collector-base Voltage 30V Oper ating and storage junction temperature range: -55OC to +150 OC NPN Silicon Pl astic-Encapsulate Transistor TO-92 Pin Configuration Bottom View E C B A E Electrical Characteristics @ 25OC U nless Otherwise Specified Symbol Parame ter Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage (I C=10mAdc, IB =0) Collector-Base Bre akdown Voltage (I C=100uAdc, IE =0) Emi tter-Base Breakdown Voltage (I E

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