DPG60C300HB Datasheet, Equivalent, Recovery Diode.

High Performance Fast Recovery Diode

Part DPG60C300HB
Description High Performance Fast Recovery Diode
Feature DPG 60 C 300HB HiPerFRED High Performance Fast Recovery Diode Low Loss and Soft Recovery Common Cathode 1 2 3 V RRM = 300 V I FAV = 2x 30 A t rr = 35 ns Part number (Marking on product) DPG 60 C 300HB Features / Advantages: ● Planar passivated chips ● Very low leakage current ● Very short recovery time ● Improved thermal behaviour ● Very low Irm-values ● Very soft recovery behaviour ● Avalanche voltage rated for reliable operation ● Soft reverse recovery for low EMI/RFI ● Low Irm reduces: - Power dissipation within the diode - Turn-on loss in the commutating switch A.
Manufacture IXYS
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DPG60C300HB   DPG60C300HB

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DPG60C300HB Datasheet



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