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Part ATH30
Description 3.3-V Input Non-Isolated Wide-Output Adjust Power Module
Feature ATH06T033 Series —3.3-V Input 6-A, 3.3-V Input Non-Isolated Wide-Output Adjust Power Module REVISION.
Manufacture Astec
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ATH06T033 Series —3.3-V Input
6-A, 3.3-V Input Non-Isolated
Wide-Output Adjust Power Module
REVISION 00 (01DEC2003)
NOMINAL SIZE = 0.87 in x 0.5 in
(22,1 mm x 12,57 mm)
Up to 6-A Output Current
3.3-V Input Voltage
Wide-Output Voltage Adjust
(0.8 V to 2.5 V)
Efficiencies up to 94 %
103 W/in³ Power Density
On/Off Inhibit
Pre-Bias Startup
Under-Voltage Lockout
Operating Temp: –40 to +85 °C
Auto-Track™ Sequencing
Output Over-Current Protection
(Non-Latching, Auto-Reset)
IPC Lead Free 2
Safety Agency Approvals (Pending)
UL 1950, CSA 22.2 950, &
Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA)
The ATH06T033 series is one of the
smallest non-isolated power modules that
features Auto-Track™. Auto-Track™
simplifies supply voltage sequencing in
power systems by enabling modules to track
each other, or any other external voltage,
during power up and power down.
Although small in size (0.87 in × 0.5 in),
these modules are rated for up to 6 A of
output current, and are an ideal choice in
applications where space, performance,
and a power-up sequencing capability are
important attributes.
The product provides high-performance
step-down conversion from a 3.3-V input
bus voltage. The output voltage of the
ATH06T033 can be set to any voltage
over the range, 0.8 V to 2.5 V, using a
single resistor.
Other operating features include an
on/off inhibit, output voltage adjust (trim),
and output over-current protection. For
high efficiency these parts employ a
synchronous rectifier output stage, but a
pre-bias hold-off capability ensures that
the output will not sink current during
Target applications include telecom,
industrial, and general purpose circuits,
including low-power dual-voltage systems
that use a DSP, microprocessor, ASIC, or
Package options include both through-
hole and surface mount configurations.
Pin Configuration
Pin Function
2 Track
3 Vin
4 Inhibit *
5 Vo Adjust
6 Vout
* Denotes negative logic:
Open = Normal operation
Ground = Function active
Standard Application
100 µF
Rset = Required to set the output voltage to a value
higher than 0.8 V. (See spec. table for values)
Cin = Required 100 µF
Co1 = Optional 100 µF capacitor
Co2 = Optional 10 µF ceramic capacitor for reduced
output ripple.
3 APT(TTHHo0p06T3V00i3e53w0-W9)S
1 %, 0.1 W
100 µF
10 µF
North America (USA): 1-888-41-ASTEC
Europe (UK): 44(1384)842-211
Asia (HK): 852-2437-9662

ATH06T033 Series —3.3-V Input
6-A, 3.3-V Input Non-Isolated
Wide-Output Adjust Power Module
REVISION 00 (01DEC2003)
Ordering Information
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Model Number
2.95V to 3.65V 0.81 to 2.5V 6A ATH06T033-9(S)(J)
“-J” - Through-hole Termination, Tray Packaging
“-SJ” - SMT Termination, Tray Packaging
“-S” - SMT Termination, T&R Packaging
1Preset output voltage is 0.8V; externally adjustable to 2.5V through the Vo,Adjust pin
Pin Descriptions
Vin: The positive input voltage power node to the mod-
ule, which is referenced to common GND.
Vout: The regulated positive power output with respect
to the GND node.
GND: This is the common ground connection for the
Vin and Vout power connections. It is also the 0 VDC
reference for the control inputs.
Vo Adjust: A 0.1 W 1 % resistor must be directly connected
between this pin and GND to set the output voltage to
a value higher than 0.8 V. The temperature stability of
the resistor should be 100 ppm/°C (or better). The set-
point range for the output voltage is from 0.8 V to 2.5 V.
The resistor value required for a given output voltage
may be calculated from the following formula. If this
pin is left open circuit, the output voltage will default to
its lowest value. For further information on output volt-
age adjustment consult the related application note.
= 10 k
0.8 V
Vout – 0.8 V
– 2.49 k
The specification table gives the preferred resistor values
for a number of standard output voltages.
Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain negative
logic input that is referenced to GND. Applying a low-
level ground signal to this input disables the module’s
output and turns off the output voltage. When the Inhibit
control is active, the input current drawn by the regula-
tor is significantly reduced. If the Inhibit pin is left
open-circuit, the module will produce an output when-
ever a valid input source is applied.
Track: This is an analog control input that allows the
output voltage to follow another voltage during power-
up and power-down sequences. The pin is active from
0 V up to the nominal set-point voltage. Within this
range the module’s output will follow the voltage at the
Track pin on a volt-for-volt basis. When the control volt-
age is raised above this range, the module regulates at its
nominal output voltage. If unused, this input may be left
unconnected. For further information consult the related
application note.
North America (USA): 1-888-41-ASTEC
Europe (UK): 44(1384)842-211
Asia (HK): 852-2437-9662

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