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Part ATSAM9743
Description Sound Synthesis Single-chip Music System
Feature Features • Integrates a 64-slot Digital Signal Processor (DSP), 16-bit Processor, 24K x 16 On-chip F.
Manufacture ATMEL Corporation
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Integrates a 64-slot Digital Signal Processor (DSP), 16-bit Processor, 24K x 16 On-chip
Flash Memory, 2K x 16 RAM, 64 Individually Programmable I/O Pins
Alternate Group Selectable I/O Pins Allow External Memory Expansion, Host Parallel
I/O, Serial MIDI_IN/MIDI_OUT, Additional Digital Audio-in/out
Up to 64 Voices Polyphony, 24 dB Resonant Filter Per Voice, User Programmable
Synthesis/Processing Algorithms
Three Timers, One Timer Being Available for Orchestrations Tempo Control
Ideal for Battery Operation
3V to 4.5V Power Supply
Power-down Mode
Parameters Can Be Saved Into Built-in Flash Memory on a Single Word Write Basis.
Compatible with ATSAM97xx Series Design Tools and Debugger
Quick Time to Market
www.DataShPereot4vUe.ncoRmeliable Synthesis Drivers
In-circuit Emulation with Code View Debugger for Easy Prototype Development
Built-in Flash Programming Algorithm
Low frequency Input Clock at 256xFs Minimizes RFI, Built-in PLL Raises Frequency
PQFP100 Easy Mount Standard Package (Pitch 0.65 mm)
Atmel Standard Flash Technology
The ATSAM9743 integrates into a single chip an ATSAM97xx core (64-slot DSP + 16-
bit processor), a 24K x 16 Flash memory, a 2K x 16 RAM, and up to 64 individually
programmable I/O pins. With the addition of a single external digital-to-analog con-
verter or a codec, the ATSAM9743 can be used in a variety of musical and sound
processing applications, like low-cost keyboards, equalizers and effect processors.
I/O pins can be configured for external memory expansion, allowing more sophisti-
cated products with up to 4M bytes RAM or ROM.
Figure 1. Typical Application of the ATSAM9743
Music System
LCD Display
Rev. 1773B-DRMSD–11/02

Principal Elements
Key Circuitry in a
Single Chip
The ATSAM9743 provides a new generation of integrated solutions for electronic musical
instruments and sound processors. The ATSAM9743 places all key circuitry onto a single sili-
con chip: sound synthesizer/processor, 16-bit control processor, 24K x 16 Flash memory, 2K x
16 RAM, and up to 64 individually programmable I/O pins allowing direct interface with key-
board, switches, LCD display, etc.
ATSAM97xx Series
Processing Core
The synthesis/sound processing core of the ATSAM9743 is taken from the ATSAM97xx
series, whose quality has already been demonstrated through dozens of different musical
products such as electric pianos, home keyboards, professional keyboards, classical organs,
sound expanders and effect devices. The maximum polyphony is 64 voices without effects. A
typical application will be 38-voice polyphony with reverb, chorus, 4-band equalizer and
External Memory
Configuration options allow the ATSAM9743 to cover a wide range of products, from the low-
est cost keyboard to the high range multi-effect processor. Thanks to flexible external memory
expansion, up to 4M bytes additional external memory can be used for firmware, orchestra-
tions, PCM data or delay lines. The external memory can be ROM, RAM or Flash. The internal
Flash memory can be programmed on-board from the ATSAM9743 itself by a Flash program-
ming algorithm, which resides in internal ROM on chip.
Standard Compliance
Made Easier
The ATSAM9743 operates from a single 8 MHz crystal. A built-in PLL multiplies by 4 the crys-
tal frequency for internal processing. This minimizes radio frequency interference (RFI),
making it easier to comply with FCC, CSA and CE standards.
Battery Powered
The ATSAM9743 is very suitable for battery-operated products:
• A power-down feature is included which can be controlled externally (PDWN/ pin).
• Built-in Flash memory words can be individually programmed by the firmware itself.
• Operational voltage is from 3V to 5.5V (I/O).
Quick Time to Market
The ATSAM9743 has been designed with final instrument quick time-to-market in mind. The
ATSAM9743 product development program includes key features to minimize product devel-
opment efforts:
• Specialized debug interface, providing on-target software development with a source code
CodeView debugger.
• Standard sound generation/processing firmware.
• Windows® tools for sounds, soundbanks and orchestration developments.
• Standard soundbanks.
• Comprehensive technical support available directly from Atmel.
2 ATSAM9743

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