11AK19 Datasheet PDF Download, ETC

(PDF) 11AK19 Datasheet Download

Part Number 11AK19
Description Color TV Service Manual
Manufacture ETC
Total Page 30 Pages
PDF Download Download 11AK19 Datasheet PDF

Features: www.DataSheet4U.com 1 DO NOT CHANGE AN Y MODULE UNLESS THE SET IS SWITCH OFF T he mains supply side of the switch mode power supply transformer is live. Use an isolating transformer. The receivers fulfill completely the safety requirem ents. Safety precautions: Servicing of this TV should only be carried out by a qualified person. - Components marked with the warning symbol on the circuit diagram are critical for safety and mus t only be replaced with an identical co mponent. - Power resistor and fusable r esistors must be mounted in an identica l manner to the original component. - W hen servicing this TV, check that the E HT does not exceed 26kV. TV Set switche d off: Make short-circuit between HV-CR T clip and CRT ground layer. Short C804 (150mF) before changing IC802 or other components in primary side of SMPS. Me asurements: Voltage readings and oscill oscope traces are measured under follow ing conditions. Antenna signal 60dB fro m colourbar generator. (100% white, 75% colour saturation) Brig.

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