ASM-xx.xxxxMHZ-D Datasheet, Equivalent, Clock Oscillators.

Crystal Clock Oscillators

Part ASM-xx.xxxxMHZ-D
Description Crystal Clock Oscillators
Feature CRYSTAL CLOCK OSCILLATORS 5.0Vdc • HCMOS/TTL COMPATABLE • J -LEADED • PLASTIC MOLDED • SURFACE MOUNT ASM FEATURES: 14.0 x 8.95 x 4.7 mm APPLICATIONS: • Industry standard J-leaded terminals. • Plastic molded SMD. • HCMOS and TTL compatible. • Tristate Enable / Disable. • Extended temperature -40°C to +85°C option. • Wide range of applications in dialing communication equipment, AV / OA equipment, Measuring equipment. ASM ASMT ASMH SPECIFICATIONS (See Frequency Range PARAMETERS Operation Mode S TA N D A R(F D) Frequency Range Operating Temperature o Storage Temperature Operating Tempature.
Manufacture Abracon
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ASM-xx.xxxxMHZ-D   ASM-xx.xxxxMHZ-D

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ASM-xx.xxxxMHZ-D Datasheet



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