NTC2R5D-11 Datasheet, Equivalent, NTC Thermistors.

(NTCxD-9) NSP Power Type NTC Thermistors

Part NTC2R5D-11
Description (NTCxD-9) NSP Power Type NTC Thermistors
Feature NSP POWER TYPE NTC THERMISTORS * Introduction: ••Vatronics is Suitable for the use in switching power supply, UPS power supply, electric heaters, electronic energy-saving lighting, electronic ballast and electronic devices for power supply circuit protection; and for the use in color video tube, incandescent bulb and other lighting devices for filament protection; it features small size, high power, strong resistance to surge current, quick response, high B value, low residue resistance, long service life, high reliability, high security and wide applications. * Applicatio.
Manufacture ETC
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NTC2R5D-11   NTC2R5D-11

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NTC2R5D-11 Datasheet



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