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C Compiler Ver.1.30 or Later



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User’s Manual
C Compiler Ver.1.30 or Later
Target Devices
78K/0S Series
Document No. U14872EJ1V0UM00 (1st edition)
Date Published January 2001 N CP(K)
© 2001
Printed in Japan

2 User’s Manual U14872EJ1V0UM

Features User’s Manual CC 78K0S C Compiler Ver.1.30 or Later Lang uage Target Devices 78K/0S Series Docu ment No. U14872EJ1V0UM00 (1st edition) Date Published January 2001 N CP(K) © Printed in Japan 2001 [MEMO] www.Da 2 User’s Manual U1487 2EJ1V0UM Windows and Windows NT are either registered tr ademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Cor poration in the United States and/or ot her countries. PC/AT is a trademark of International Business Machines Corpora tion. i386 is a trademark of Intel Corp oration. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countri es, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited. SPARCstation is a tra demark of SPARC International, Inc. Sun OS and Solaris are trademarks of Sun Mi crosystems, Inc. HP9000 series 700 and HP-UX are trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company. User’s Manual U14872EJ1V0U M 3 • The information in this docum ent is current as of November, 2000. The information is subject to chang.
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