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91C142 Datasheet
Recommendation 91C142 Datasheet
Part 91C142
Description Universe II
Feature 91C142; www.datasheet4u.com m o .c U 4 t Features e e • Industry-proven, h high performance Sinterconnect 6.
Manufacture Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
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Tundra Semiconductor Corporation 91C142
om Universe IIPCI-to-VMEbus Bridge
hee• Industry-proven, high performance
Swww.data6s4h-ebeitt4uV.cMomEbus interconnect
ta• Fully compliant, 32-bit or 64-bit,
a33 MHz PCI bus interconnect
.D• Integral FIFOs for write posting to
wmaximize bandwidth utilization
w• Programmable DMA controller with
w Linked-List mode
m• Flexible interrupt logic
o• Sustained transfer rates up to
60-70 Mbytes/s
U.cThe Universe II is the industry standard
PCI bus-to-VMEbus bridge.
et4• Extensive suite of VMEbus address
eand data transfer modes
• Automatic initialization for slave-only
S• Flexible register set, programmable
from both the PCI bus and VMEbus
• Full VMEbus system controller
a• Support for RMWs, ADOH, PCI
LOCK cycles, and semaphores
.D• Commercial, industrial, and extended
temperature variants
w• IEEE 1149.1 JTAG
• Available packages:
w— 25mm x 25mm, 361-contact
mdimpled ceramic BGA (DBGA)
w o— 35mm x 35mm, 313-contact
taSheet4U.cplastic BGA (PBGA)
The Universe II Advantage
The Tundra Universe II is the industry’s leading high performance
PCI-to-VMEbus interconnect. Universe II is fully compliant with the
VME64 bus standard, and is tailored to support the next-generation of
advanced PCI processors and peripherals. With a zero wait state
implementation for write transactions, and the capability to support
prefetch reads and multi-beat transactions, the Universe II provides
high performance on the PCI bus.
The Universe II eases development of VMEbus systems by providing
direct connection to a local PCI bus. The device is ideally suited for
CPU or peripheral boards functioning as both master and slave in the
VMEbus system. Bridging is accomplished through a decoupled
architecture with independent FIFOs for inbound, outbound, and DMA
traffic. With this architecture, throughput is maximized without
sacrificing bandwidth on either bus.
With the Universe II, you know that as your system becomes more
complex, you have proven silicon that continues to provide everything
you need in a PCI-to-VME bridge.
Figure 1: Universe II Block Diagram
Four location
Fixed priority,
to support VMEbus Round robin,
broadcast capability Single level modes
VMEbus Slave Channel
Posted Writes, Prefetched Reads,
Coupled Reads
DMA Channel
Bidirectional FIFO,
Direct/Linked List Mode
Register Channel
Configuration Registers,
Mailbox Registers, Semaphores
Interrupt Channel
Interrupt Handler,
PCI Target Channel
Posted Writes, Coupled Read
www.Da© 2003, Tundra Semiconductor Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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Tundra Semiconductor Corporation 91C142
Universe II
• Conserves board space with
25mm x 25mm, 361-contact dimpled
www.datacsehreaemt4iuc.cBomGA (DBGA)
• Industry proven design
• Reliable customer support with
experience in hundreds of customer
Tundra Semiconductor is the world
leader in VME Interconnect technology.
Typical Applications
The Universe II eases the development
of VME Single Board Computers
(SBCs) and I/O peripheral boards which
target the following market segments:
• Telecommunications
• Industrial Automation
• Medical
• Military
• Aerospace
Contact Information
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
603 March Road, Ottawa
Ontario Canada, K2K 2M5
(613) 592-0714 or 1-800-267-7231
Fax: (613) 592-1320
Visit our website at www.tundra.com
Typical Application: Single Board Computers
The Universe II is widely used on VME-based Single Board Computers
(SBC) that employ PCI as their local bus and VME as the backplane
bus, as shown in the accompanying diagram. These SBC cards support
a variety of applications including telecom, datacom, medical,
industrial, and military equipment.
The Universe II high performance architecture seamlessly bridges the
PCI and VME busses, and is the VME industry’s standard for single
board computer interconnect device.
Figure 2: Universe II In Single Board Computer Application
Processor Bus to-PCI Bridge
32-bit / 64-bit Data
33 MHz
Controller Universe II
64-bit Data
Design Support Tools
Tundra understands your design challenges and works to help you
overcome them. We are committed to making our products easy to use.
A suite of Tundra Design Support Tools helps reduce your development
time, risk, and cost. Tools include comprehensive device
documentation, application notes, IBIS model, and BSDL files. Most
are available through our website. We also provide an experienced
technical applications engineering team. All help you evaluate our
products, and assist in the development of your designs.
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