EDI7F2331MC Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

EDI7F2331MC Datasheet, 1Mx32 FLASH MODULE

EDI7F2331MC   EDI7F2331MC  

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White Electronic Designs www.DataSheet4U .com EDI7F331MC 1Mx32 FLASH MODULE DE SCRIPTION The EDI7F331MC and EDI7F2331M C are organized as one and two banks of 1Mx32 respectively. The modules are ba sed on AMDs AM29F080 - 1Mx8 Flash devic e in TSOP packages which are mounted on an FR4 substrate. Both modules offer a ccess times between 80 and 150ns allowi ng for operation of high-speed micropro cessors without wait states. FIG. 1 BL OCK DIAGRAMS EDI7F331MC-BNC: 1Mx32 80 P IN SIMM E0# A0-A19 G# 1Mx8 W0# 1Mx8 W1# 1Mx8 W2# 1Mx8 W3# FEATURES     1Mx32 and 2x1Mx32 Densities B ased on AMD - AM29F080 Flash Device Fas t Read Access Time - 80ns 5V Only R

EDI7F2331MC Datasheet, 1Mx32 FLASH MODULE

eprogramming Sector Erase Architecture      Uniform sectors of 64 Kbytes each Any combination of se ctors can be erased Also supports full chip erase Hardware method that disable s any combination of sectors from write or erase operations Automatically prep rograms and erases the chip or any comb ination of sectors Automatically progra ms and verifies data at specified add ress DQ0-DQ7 DQ8-DQ15 DQ16-DQ23 DQ2 4-DQ31 Sector Protection Embedded Era se Algorithms  EDI7F2331MC-BNC: 2x1 Mx32 80 PIN SIMM E1# E0# A0-A19 G# 1Mx8 1Mx8 DQ0-DQ7  Embedded Program Al gorithms    Data Polling and Toggle Bit feature for detection of pr ogram or erase cycle completion Low Pow er Dissipation   60mA per Device Active Current 10µA per Device CMOS St andby Current W0# 1Mx8 1Mx8 W1# 1Mx8 1 Mx8 W2# 1Mx8 1Mx8 W3# DQ24-DQ31 DQ16-DQ 23 DQ8-DQ15      Typic al Endurance >100,000 Cycles Single 5V ±10% Supply CMOS and TTL Compatible In puts and Outputs Commercial and Industr ial Temperature Range Package  80 Pi n SIMM (JEDEC) White Electronic Design s Corp. reserves the right to change pr oducts or specifications without notic e. Sept. 2002 Rev. 3A 1 White Electroni c Designs Corporation • (602) 437-152 0 • www.wedc.com White Electronic Designs www.DataSheet4U.com (f=1.0MHz, VIN = VCC or VSS) 1Meg Pa

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