RS485 Converter. ISOADA08 Datasheet

ISOADA08 Converter. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Description 8-Channel Isolated 4-20mA to RS485 Converter
Feature ISOAD A08 Datasheet Ver2.0 Multi-channel 4-20mA Data Acquisition Module, RS485.
Manufacture Shenzhen Sunyuan
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Multi-channel 4-20mA Data Acquisition Module,
RS485/232 Output, ASCII Command Set or Modbus RTU
Channel to Channel High Isolation
ISOAD is designed for sensor-to-host data acquisition, suit for collecting
analog signal for detection or controling of remote equipment. Using
the latest passive isolation technology, signal channels are isolated to
each other and the anti-interference capability is greatly enhanced.
The device includes power supply isolation, channels' isolation, A/D
converter and RS-485 module. Each serial port can transfer a maximum
of 255 ISOAD A08 Series modules support two types of communication
protocol, command set and MODBUS RTU. The Command set is
compatible with the ADAM modules. Buad rate can be set by codes, can
work with modules made by other manufacturer.
All the configures and protocol info are stored in EEPROM.
ISOAD A08 Series follow industry-standard design, manufacture, each
channel / output /power supply bear 3000VDC isolation voltage.
Operating temperature range - 45 ~ +80 .
y Reliable Isolated Signals
Up to 8 channel Isolation, ensure that no disturbance happen between them.
y High Accuracy
Distortion < 0.05%
y Flexible Power Supply
Universal Power Supply: 8~50VDC
y Multi-port Isolation
The design and high isolation level (3 kV) provides protection for service personnel and
downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage
y Flexible Config
Program Calibration
Pre-defined ASCII protocol or Modbus-RTU. Choose by codes when use.
0~255 Address
Baud rate: 30060012002400480096001920038400bps, choose when use
y Easy to use
Compact DIN rail Mounting
y Safe
±15KV ESD Protection to Ports.
ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Momentary protection
Datasheet Ver2.0

Block Diagram
Datasheet Ver2.0
General Function:
8-channel 4-20mA input, calibrated before delivery. Channels isolate with each other. User
can re-calibrate if needed.
Port: RS485 or RS232 serail port. Choose before order.
protocol: Pre-defined ASCII protocol or Modbus-RTU. Choose by codes when use.
Data format: 10bit. 1 start-bit, 8 data-bit, 1 end-bit
Address: 0~255
Baud rate: 30060012002400480096001920038400bps, choose when use
Transfer Distance: <1200 m, twists shiled cable
Port protection: ±15KV ESD
Anti-distrubance: Set checksum according to need. Internal MOMENTARY bate diode protects the device from
surge impulses. Internal digital filter also inhibit the grid frequency interference.
Ordering Information:
Number of input Channel 1
Port type
1: The number only determine how many input channels inside, all other terms (demension, functions, wiring diagram etc) remain the same.
ISOAD A01-485
ISOAD A06-232
1 input channel
6 input channel
RS485 Output
RS232 Output

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