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Part TDL2A
Description UHF Transparent Data Link transceiver
Feature W E N Radiometrix Hartcran House, 231 Kenton Lane, Harrow, HA3 8RP, England Te.
Manufacture Radiometrix
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Hartcran House, 231 Kenton Lane, Harrow, HA3 8RP, England
Issue 3, 06 October 2006
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8909 9595, Fax: +44 (0) 20 8909 2233
UHF Multi Channel Transparent Data Link Transceiver
The TDL2A is a 9600baud half-duplex multi
channel OEM radio modem in BiM2
footprint, operating on European 433MHz
ISM band. TLD2A acts as a transparent
serial cable to attached host. TDL2A is an
intermediate level OEM radio modem which
is in between a raw FM radio module like
BiM2 and a sophisticated OEM radio
modem like SPM2. It takes care of
preamble, synchronisation, bit balancing
and error checking along with automatic
noise squelching.
Figure 1: TDL2A-433-9 radio modem
The TDL2A provides a half duplex link. Provided no two devices attempt to transmit simultaneously no
further restrictions on data transmission need be made, as all transmit timing, valid data identification
and datastream buffering is conducted by the unit. Synchronisation and framing words in the packet
prevent the receiver outputting garbage in the absence of wanted RF signal or presence of interference.
For multiple radio systems (polled networks) a TDL2A can be set to 1 of 8 unique addresses. As well as
having unique addresses, the TDL2A allows operation on one of 5 pre-set frequencies in the 433MHz
band. These frequencies are non-overlapping and simultaneous operation of TDL2As in the same area
on different channels will be possible. Units are supplied on 433.925MHz (Ch0) as default.
Conforms to EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3
High quality, stable crystal reference
Low noise synthesiser / VCO
SAW front-end filter
Multi-stage ceramic IF filtering
Single conversion superhet
Serial modem baud rate at 9600bps (half-duplex)
Addressable point-to-point
5 serial select wideband channels
Available as TDL2T transmitter and TDL2R receiver for one way communication
PDAs, organisers & laptops
Handheld / portable terminals
EPOS equipment, barcode scanners
In-building environmental monitoring and control
Remote data acquisition system, data logging
Fleet management, vehicle data acquisition
Technical Summary
Operating frequency: 433.925MHz (default)
Modulation: 16kbps bi-phase FSK
Supply: 5V at 28mA transmit, 22mA receive/idle
Transmit power: +10dBm (10mW)
Receiver sensitivity: -107dBm (for 1% BER)
32 byte data buffer
Adjacent channel rejection: 65db @ ±320kHz
Receiver Blocking: 84dB
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