80C517A Datasheet: SAB80C517A

80C517A SAB80C517A Datasheet

Part Number 80C517A
Description SAB80C517A
Manufacture Siemens Semiconductor
Total Page 30 Pages
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Features: Microcomputer Components 8-Bit CMOS Sing le-Chip Microcontroller SAB 80C517A/83 C517A-5 www.DataSheet4U.com Data Sheet 05.94 High-Performance 8-Bit CMOS Sin gle-Chip Microcontroller Preliminary SA B 83C517A-5 SAB 80C517A l SAB 80C517A/ 83C517A-5 Microcontroller with factory mask-programmable ROM Microcontroller for external ROM l l l l l l l l l SAB 80C517A/83C517A-5, up to 18 MHz operat ion l 32 K × 8 ROM (SAB 83C517A-5 only , ROM-Protection available) l 256 × 8 on-chip RAM l 2 K × 8 on-chip RAM (XRA M) l Superset of SAB 80C51 architecture : – 1 µs instruction cycle time at 1 2 MHz – 666 ns instruction cycle time at 18 MHz – 256 directly addressable bits – Boolean processor – 64 Kbyt e external data and program memory addr essing l Four 16-bit timer/counters l P owerful 16-bit compare/capture unit (CC U) with up to 21 high-speed or PWM outp ut channels and 5 capture inputs l Vers atile "fail-safe" provisions www.DataSh eet4U.com l Fast 32-bit division, 16-bit multiplication, 32-bit normalize and.

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Microcomputer Components
8-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller
SAB 80C517A/83C517A-5
Data Sheet 05.94


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