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Part TLE7272-2
Description 5-V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Feature Data Sheet, Rev. 1.0, June 2009 TLE7272-2 www.DataSheet4U.net 5-V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator A.
Manufacture Infineon Technologies
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Data Sheet, Rev. 1.0, June 2009
5 - V L o wwww.DataSheet4U.net D r o p o u t V o l t a g e R e g u l a t o r
Automotive Power

5-V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
1 Overview
• Ultra Low Current Consumption 20 µA
• Output Voltage 5 V ±2%
• Output Current up to 300 mA
• Power-On and Undervoltage Reset
• Reset Low Down to VQ = 1 V
• Enable Input
• Very Low Dropout Voltage
• Output Current Limitation
• Overtemperature Shutdown
• Wide Temperature Range From -40 °C up to 150 °C
• Green Product (RoHS compliant)
• AEC Qualified
PG-SSOP-14 Exposed Pad
The TLE7272-2 is a monolithic integrated low dropout voltage regulator
for load currents up to 300 mA. An input voltage up to 42 V is regulated
to VQ,nom = 5.0 V with a precision of ±2%. Due to its integrated reset
circuitry featuring power on timing and output voltage monitoring the IC is
well suited as µ-controller supply. The sophisticated design allows to
achieve stable operation even with ceramic output capacitors down to
470 nF. The device is designed for the harsh environment of automotive
applications. Therefore it is protected against overload, short circuit and overtemperature conditions by the
implemented output current limitation and the overtemperature shutdown circuit. The TLE7272-2 can be also used
in all other applications requiring a stabilized 5 V voltage.
Due to its ultra low quiescent current of typically 20 µA the TLE7272-2 is dedicated for use in applications
permanently connected to VBAT. In addition the device can be switched off via the Enable input reducing the current
consumption to typically 5 µA. An integrated output sink current circuitry keeps the voltage at the Output pin Q
below 5.5 V even in case of occuring reverse currents. Thus connected devices are protected from overvoltage
damage. For applications requiring extremely low noise levels the Infineon voltage regulator family TLE 42XX and
TLE 44XX is more suited than the TLE7272-2. A mV-range output noise on the TLE7272-2 caused by the charge
pump operation is unavoidable due to the ultra low quiescent current concept.
Data Sheet
PG-SSOP-14 Exposed Pad
Rev. 1.0, 2009-06-01

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