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Part KYL-668H
Description VHF wireless radio modem
Feature zhen KYL Communication Equipment Co ., Ltd Shen Shenz Co. KYL-668H Data Radio M.
Manufacture Shenzhen KYL Communication
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
KYL-668H Data Radio Modem
User Manual
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
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I: Application of KYL-668H
Applicable Field: Shipping, traffic, interphone system of taxi,
industrial automatic control, electric power schedule, water
conservancy monitor, signal collection and transmission of railway
system, oil extraction and transportation control, measure of oil or
water wells, hydrological monitor, weather information transmission,
environment monitor, container management, goods management in
supermarket, forest protection, intelligent building, wireless
beaconing, geological reconnoiter, mobile location, military training,
public security, medical ward, remote controlling and remote
detecting, and others automatic control fields.
KYL-668H Data Transmission Radio Station is a high performance
professional data transmission radio station combined DSP
technology and software wireless technology.
II: Product Characteristic
O Modulate and demodulate algorithm is realized by software using
advanced and reliable DSP technology for high speed digital signal.
O High speed digital signal transmission is realized by adopting
advance communication algorithm such as wave-form transaction
and bandwidth compress etc.
O To get best receive performance, quickly self-adapt equilibrium
technology is adopted to eliminate the ware-form distortion caused by
multi-path, (relay) group delay during the transmission.
O Combination of powerful feedforward put right code
GF(256)Reed-Solomon and complect algorithm guarantees reliable
communication in the bad environment.
O With CRC-ARQ function and 16bit circular verification code, it will
require automatically re-sending the data when the error code occurs
during data verification.
O Watchdog is used to prevent from shutting down caused by the
disturbance in the industrial environment.
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