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Part KYL-600L
Description VHF audio and data radio transceiver modem
Feature zhen KYL Communication Equipment Co ., Ltd Shen Shenz Co. KYL-600L Wireless au.
Manufacture Shenzhen KYL Communication
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
KYL-600L Wireless audio and Data
Radio Module User Manual
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
Before using the product please read the use manual carefully.
Any question in technical, you can contact us.
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About KYL-600L:
KYL-600L, the data radio module adopt double VCO structure, high stability TXCO,
integration RF and so on advanced technique; at the same time it use the advanced
rectify fault arithmetic in software. So it has high stability and reliability. It is the first
equipment for the user in the field of industry control, water conservancy, electric
power, oil field and so on. This product can provide multiple MODEM
communication protocols so that users have more choice. Of course, we can design
according to users’ demands, or we can provide technique support and second
development for users for free.
1. Specifications:
* Operating Voltage: DC 5V
* Carrier Frequency: VHF/UHF 230-450MHz
* Interface: standard RS-232/RS-485/TTL Selectable
* Baud Rate: 1200/2400/4800bps Selectable
* Channel spacing: 25kHz
* Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm
* Modulation: FSK;
Channels: 16
* Impedance: 50Ω
* Transfer distance:3km(BER=10-3@9600bps);
* Temperature: -25~+65
* Size: 70x46x12mm(without antenna port)
* Weight:180g
2. Receiver:
* Receiving sensibility: ≤0.25μV (12dB SINAD)
* Signal-to-Noise: ≤-40dB
* Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥70dB
* Intermodulation rejection: ≥65dB
* Clutter and images rejection: ≥70dB
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