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Part KYL-816
Description Wireless Analog Acquisition Module
Feature zhen KYL Communication Equipment Co ., Ltd Shen Shenz Co. KYL-816 Analog Wirel.
Manufacture Shenzhen KYL Communication
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
KYL-816 Analog Wireless Acquisition module Use Manual
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Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
KYL-816 Analog Wireless Acquisition Module has the function for analog
acquisition and wireless transmission, do not re-empolderit can achieve the function
for wireless remote controlling and collecting data with a low cost. It is industrial
design and has a wide work temperature so that can meet client’s requirement for
whole day using. Besides, the RF adopts narrowband FM and has high anti-jamming.
Accord with EN300220.
1Analog: two channels 0-5V voltage input and two channels 0-5V voltage output
2Power supply: 12-14V, providing protection for power supply in reverse
3. There are power monitor circuit and watch dog circuit for the CPU, and ensure that
this module can operate at adverse circumstances.
4With the indicator light of power supply, operation, receive and transmit.
5Can work by Modubus RTU protocol.
IITechnical parameters
1Analog12BIT ADC; Precision0.5% ; input typevoltage 05V.
2Impedance Input20MΩ.
4Modulation: FSK
5Output power≤500mW
6Transmit current<350mA
7Receive sensitive-123dBm (1200bps)
8Receive current<50mA
9Antenna impedance50Ω
10Communication distanceAbove 3Km (BER=10-5@1200bpsin the open air)
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