SCK15-086 Datasheet, Equivalent, Power Thermistor.

NTC Power Thermistor

Part SCK15-086
Description NTC Power Thermistor
Feature w w w D .a S th c k e o r . e t NTC POWER THERMISTOR, SCK SERIES Meritek Thermal dissipation coefficient( δ ) The thermal dissipation coefficient is the ratio, normally expressed in milliwatts per degree C (mW/oC), at a specified ambient temperature, of a change in power dissipation in a thermistor to the resultant body temperature change. (δ =VXI/∆T) Surge energy Surge energy is the maximum energy of pulses. The thermistor is capable of tolerating surge energy more than 1000 times with the resistance changing rates within ± 10%. This energy varies with voltage and capacitance. Thermal tim.
Manufacture NTC
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SCK15-086   SCK15-086

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SCK15-086 Datasheet



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