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Physical Random number generator



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Physical Random number generator
dat a sheet

1. Outline
2. Functions
3. Specifications
3-1.Absolute maximum ratings
3-2. Recommended operationconditions
3-3. DCcharacteristics
3-4. ACcharacteristics
3-5. Random numbersspecifications
3-6. Package specifications
3-7. Pinlayout
4. Terminalfunctionexplanation
5. Output data explanation
5-1. Parallel random numbers
5-2.Actionstate data
5-3. Statistical test state data
5-4. Statistical test data
6. Block diagram
7. Timingchart
7-1. Serial random bits output
7-2. Parallel random numbers output
7-3. Statistical test of randomness
7-4. Statistical test data output
7-5. Output enable/disable time
8. References
1.The contents of this document are subject to change without priornoticeas a result of product improvement or
discontinuation of production. Therefore, please be sure to check with our sales representativesabout the
contents beforeyour ordering.
2.Product specifications described in this document are for reference only. Upon the actual use, please obtain
specification sheets separately to check the contents.
3.When intending to use our products in the e quipments or devices which require especially high reliability and
the defects of which might directly cause damage to human life or property, such as nuclear control equipment,
aerospace equipment, medical equipment, transportation equipment, disaster prevention equipment, or other
safety devices, please do not fail to consult with our sales representatives in advance.
FDK CORPORATION shall not be liablefor any claim or damagecausedby improper use of our products that
deviates from theconditions orenvironments foruse describedin this document.
4.FDK CORPORATION shall not be liable for any infringement or dispute arising in connection with the effect of
our or third party's in tellectual pro perty rights or o ther rights dur ing your use o f our products or informa tion
described in this document. No license to use the rights mentioned above shall be granted without our consent.
5.For products which are controlled items subject to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan, the
export license according to the law is required for export.

Features HM-RAE106-1105 Physical Random number g enerator RPG100/RPG100F dat a sheet REV .08 http://www.fdk.co.jp http://www. Datasheet4U.com HM-RAE106-1105 Conten ts 1. Ou tline 2. Functions 3. Specific a tions 3-1. Absolute maximum ra tings 3-2. Recommend ed operation conditions 3-3. DC character istics 3-4. ACcharact er istics 3-5. Random numbers spec ific a tions 3-6. Packa ge specifications 3- 7. Pinlayout 4. T erminal function expl anation 5. Ou tput data explanation 5-1 . Parallel rand om numbers 5-2. Action state data 5-3. Statistical t est st at e data 5-4. Statistical tes t data 6. B lock diagram 7. Timing chart 7-1. Seria l ra ndom bits output 7-2. Parallel ran d om numbers output 7-3. Statistical te s t of randomness 7-4. Statistical tes t data output 7-5. Ou tput enable/disab le time 8. References 1.The contents o f this document are subject to change w ithout prior notice as a result of prod uct improve ment or discontinuation of production. Therefore, please be sure to check with our sales r.
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