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Part TMC603
Description Three phase motor driver
Feature TMC603 DATA SHEET (V. 1.06 / 26. Mar. 2009) 1 TMC603 – DATASHEET Three phase motor driver with BLD.
Manufacture TRINAMIC
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TMC603 DATA SHEET (V. 1.06 / 26. Mar. 2009)
Three phase motor driver with BLDC back EMF
commutation hallFXand current sensing
TRINAMIC® Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG
Sternstraße 67
D 20357 Hamburg
1 Features
The TMC603 is a three phase motor driver for highly compact and energy efficient drive solutions. It
contains all power and analog circuitry required for a high performance BLDC motor system. The
TMC603 is designed to provide the frontend for a microcontroller doing motor commutation and control
algorithms. It directly drives 6 external N-channel MOSFETs for motor currents up to 30A and up to
50V and integrates shunt less current measurement, by using the MOSFETs channel resistance for
sensing. Integrated hallFX (pat. fil.) allows for sensorless commutation. Protection and diagnostic
features as well as a step down switching regulator further reduce system cost and increase reliability.
Up to 30A motor current
9V to 50V operating voltage
3.3V or 5V interface
8mm x 8mm QFN package
Integrated shunt less current measurement using power MOS transistor RDSon
hallFX™ sensorless back EMF commutation emulates hall sensors
Integrated break-before-make logic: No special microcontroller PWM hardware required
EMV optimized current controlled gate drivers up to 150mA possible
Overcurrent / short to GND and undervoltage protection and diagnostics integrated
Internal QGD protection: Supports latest generation of power MOSFETs
Integrated supply concept: Step down switching regulator up to 500mA / 300kHz
Common rail charge pump allows for 100% PWM duty cycle
Motor driver for industrial applications
Integrated miniaturized drives
High-reliability drives (dual position sensor possible)
Pump and blower applications with sensorless commutation
Motor type
3 phase BLDC, stepper, DC motor
Sine or block commutation
Rotor position feedback: Sensorless, encoder or hall sensor, or any mix
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TMC603 DATA SHEET (V. 1.06 / 26. Mar. 2009)
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