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Features Datasheet pdf 2SK1157, 2SK1158 Silicon N-Channel MOS F ET Application High speed power switch ing Features • • • • • Low o n-resistance High speed switching Low d rive current No secondary breakdown Sui table for switching regulator, DC-DC co nverter and motor driver Outline TO-2 20AB D G 1 2 3 1. Gate 2. Drain (Fl ange) 3. Source S 2SK1157, 2SK1158 Ab solute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Ite m Drain to source voltage 2SK1157 2SK11 58 Gate to source voltage Drain current Drain peak current Body to drain diode reverse drain current Channel dissipat ion Channel temperature Storage tempera ture Note: 1. PW ≤ 10 µs, duty cycle ≤ 1% 2. Value at TC = 25°C VGSS ID I D(pulse)* I DR Pch* Tch Tstg 2 1 Symbol VDSS Rati.
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K1158 Datasheet
2SK1157, 2SK1158
Silicon N-Channel MOS FET
High speed power switching
Low on-resistance
High speed switching
Low drive current
No secondary breakdown
Suitable for switching regulator, DC-DC converter and motor driver
D 123
1. Gate
G 2. Drain
3. Source

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