Antenna Module. UC530 Datasheet

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UC530 Datasheet
Recommendation UC530 Datasheet
Part UC530
Description OEM GPS Antenna Module
Feature UC530; Rev. 1.1 Data Sheet Fastrax UC530 This document describes the electrical connectivity and functional.
Manufacture Fastrax
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Fastrax UC530
Rev. 1.1
Data Sheet
Fastrax UC530
This document describes the electrical connectivity and functionality of the Fastrax UC530 OEM
GPS Receiver.
May 3, 2012
Fastrax Ltd

Fastrax UC530
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Fastrax is a registered trademark of Fastrax Ltd.
All other trademarks are trademarks of MediaTek, Inc. or either of respective holders.
© 2012 Fastrax Ltd
This document is compiled and kept up-to-date as conscientiously as possible. Fastrax Ltd cannot, however,
guarantee that the data are free of errors, accurate or complete and, therefore, assumes no liability for loss or
damage of any kind incurred directly or indirectly through the use of this document. The information in this
document is subject to change without notice and describes only generally the product defined in the introduction
of this documentation. Fastrax products are not authorized for use in life-support or safety-critical applications.
Use in such applications is done at the sole discretion of the customer. Fastrax will not warrant the use of its
devices in such applications.
Ref. # Publisher; Reference
(1) Fastrax; NMEA Manual for Fastrax IT500 Series GPS receivers
(2) Fastrax; Reflow_soldering_ profile.pdf

Fastrax UC530
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Rev. Notes
1.0 Initial documentation, draft status
1.1 Updated Reference Circuit diagrams (added option for future FORCE_ON 2012-05-03
signal; upgraded Q1) and edited chapter 7.1 accordingly

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