MBF21M2450H133-M13 Datasheet, Equivalent, Balance Filter.

Multilayer Chip Balance Filter

Part MBF21M2450H133-M13
Description Multilayer Chip Balance Filter
Feature Multilayer Chip Balance Filter FEATURES ● Good performance as small size Band-pass Filter ● Low Insertion Loss at the passband and High supression at the rejection area , ● Phase difference 180 degree and amplitude difference 1dB max. 180 1dB ● Compact structure and low material loss APPLICATIONS ● WLan IEEE 802.11b~g and Bluetooth module. IEEE802.11b~g ● RF and Wireless Communication system. Product Identification MBF 22 M2450 H132 - M01 ①② ③ ④ ⑤ ① Series name ② Dimension L×W:【22: 2.5mm×2.0mm; 21: 2.0mm×1.25mm;18: 1.6mm×0.8mm;】 ③ Center Frequency : 2450MHz ④ Via Desi.
Manufacture microgate
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MBF21M2450H133-M13   MBF21M2450H133-M13

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MBF21M2450H133-M13 Datasheet



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