HD74LS151 Datasheet, Equivalent, Data Selector/Multiplexer.

1-of-8 Data Selector/Multiplexer

Part HD74LS151
Description 1-of-8 Data Selector/Multiplexer
Feature HD74LS151 1-of-8 Data Selector / Multiplexer (with strobe) REJ03D0497-0300 Rev.3.00 May 10, 2006 This data selector / multiplexer contains full-on chip binary decoding to select the desired data source. The HD74LS151 selects one-of-eight data sources and has a strove input, which must be at a low logic level to enable this device. A high level at the strove forces the W output high, and the Y output low. Features • Ordering Information Part Name Package Type Package Code (Previous Code) Package Abbreviation HD74LS151P DILP-16 pin PRDP0016AE-B (DP-16FV) P HD74LS151RPEL SOP-16 pin (.
Manufacture Renesas
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HD74LS151   HD74LS151

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