G081PU210W Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

G081PU210W Datasheet, High Power Fiber Coupled Infrared Laser Diode

G081PU210W   G081PU210W  

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G081PU210W TECHNICAL DATA High Power Fib er Coupled Infrared Laser Diode Featur es • CW Output Power: 10 W • Typica l 808 nm Emission Wavelength • High R eliability • High Efficiency Applica tions • Laser Pumping • Medical Usa ge • Printing • Heating • Materi al Dealing • Marking Specifications (25°C) Type Optical Specification CW O utput Power from Fiber Center Wavelengt h Wavelength Tolerance Spectral Width W avelength Temperature Coefficient Fiber Characteristics Fiber Core Size N.A. F iber Length Connector Electrical Specif ication Slope Efficiency Threshold Curr ent Operation Current Operation Voltage Series Resistance Package Style Absolute Maxi

G081PU210W Datasheet, High Power Fiber Coupled Infrared Laser Diode

mum Ratings Reverse Voltage Vr Operating Temperature TO Storage Temperature Tst g Symbol PF ΔC Δλ ES Ith IF UF RD U R TOP TSTG Value 10 808 800 – 820 <5 0.3 400 0.22 1 FC/ST/SMA-905 >5 500 25 00 < 14 < 1.4 P2-Package 14 -10 … 45 -40 … 85 Unit W nm nm nm nm/°C µm m W/A mA mA V Ω V °C °C 02.04.2012 G081PU210W 1 of 3 Package Dimensions P2-Package (Unit:mm) Typical Performa nce Curves 02.04.2012 G081PU210W 2 o f 3 Notes 1. Laser beam is harmful esp ecially for your eyes. Don't look at th e laser beam directly. 2. Lifetime of t he diode laser varied with the operatin g temperature inversely. We advise that the TEC cooler should be used to keep the temperature suitable. 3. For turnin g on the diode laser, please increase t he current gradually to the specified o perating value. For shutting down the d iode laser, please decrease the current to zero gradually, and then turn off t he power. 4. Please wear static proof b racelet when operating. 5. Please conne ct the pins of the diode laser correctl y as the picture shown in the manual. 6 . The operating current must less than the rated current. Otherwise the diode laser should be damaged. 7. The fiber f acet should be keep clean before the di ode laser is operating. 8. Please use t he constant-current source to avoid the surge. 9. Diode laser sho

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