Flash MCU. HMS39C7092 Datasheet

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Part HMS39C7092
Description 32Bit Embedded Flash MCU
Feature HMS39C7092 32Bit Embedded Flash MCU User’s Manual Version 1.3b Flash MCU(HMS39C7092) Released : Fe.
Manufacture ABOV
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HMS39C7092 Embedded Flash MCU Specification Ver 1.0 System HMS39C7092 Datasheet
HMS39C7092 32-bit Embedded Flash MCU On-Chip Flash Memory Pr HMS39C7092 Datasheet
HMS39C7092 32Bit Embedded Flash MCU User’s Manual Version 1. HMS39C7092 Datasheet
Recommendation Recommendation Datasheet HMS39C7092 Datasheet

32Bit Embedded Flash MCU
User’s Manual
Version 1.3b

Flash MCU(HMS39C7092)
Released : February. 2001
April 9, 2002
Revision History:
October 9, 2001 Version 1.05
Software-Reset register is Write-Only
PWM Mode duty 0% has at least 1 clock duty.
Capture mode delay
Bus controller
8-bit Data Access mode is unstable
External Wait Input Supports Low-Active only
nRD output has been revised to be negated at the end of each unit
access in successive external memory access
January 8, 2002 Preliminary release 6
GPIO function at ADC port is deleted (ADC input Only)
April 29, 2003
Version 1.0
Document minor change
Nov 14, 2003
Version 1.1
March 22. 2005 Version 1.3
Exclude On-chip Flash Programming Guide.
September 25, 2009 Version 1.3b
Flash Access Time changed.
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