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Part MH2511SC
Description Easy Multi Interleave Controller
Feature MH2501SC/MH2511SC APPLICATION NOTE Easy Multi Interleave Controller for multi-phase interleaved PFC .
Manufacture Shindengen
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MH2501SC/MH2511SC APPLICATION NOTE Easy Multi Interleave Con MH2511SC Datasheet
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Easy Multi Interleave
Controller for multi-phase
interleaved PFC
JUL.2012 Ver.1.0
Application Note ver.1.0
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Thank you for purchasing this product.
When using this IC, please follow the warnings and cautions given below to ensure safety.
Warning ! Improper handling may result in death, serious injury, or major property damage.
Caution ! Improper handling may result in minor injury or property damage.
This IC is intended for use in general electronic machines, such as business equipment,
communications equipment, measuring instruments, and household appliances. Do not use this IC
in medical devices, aerospace equipment, railway or other transport equipment (e.g., automobiles,
ships), nuclear power control equipment, or any other equipment required to demonstrate mission-
critical reliability or safety, or whose malfunction may directly cause injuries or endanger human
life. Contact us before using the product for any applications other than general electronic
Never attempt to repair or modify the product. Doing so may lead to serious accidents.
! <<Electric shock, destruction of property, fire, or malfunctions may result.>>
In the event of a problem, an excessive voltage may arise at an output terminal, or the voltage may
! drop. Anticipate these fluctuations and any consequential malfunctions or destruction and provide
adequate protection for equipment, such as overvoltage or overcurrent protection.
Check the polarity of the input and output terminals. Make sure they are properly connected before
Caution ! turning on power.
<<Failure to do so may lead to failure of the protective element or generate smoke or fire.>>
Use only the specified input voltage. Deploy a protective element on the input line.
! <<Problems may result in smoke or fire.>>
! In the event of a malfunction or other anomaly, shut power off and contact us immediately.
The contents of this document are subject to change without notice.
Use of this product constitutes acceptance of the formal specifications.
We have taken every possible measure to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document. However, we
will not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred or infringements of patents or other rights resulting
from use of this information.
This document does not guarantee or license the execution of patent rights, intellectual property rights or any other
rights of Shindengen or third parties.
No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without prior consent from Shindengen.
! We strive at all times to improve the quality and reliability of our products. However, a certain risk of
malfunctions is inevitable with semiconductor products. You are responsible for producing a design that meets
safety requirements (whether a redundant design, a design that prevents the spread of fire, or designs that
minimize the possibility of malfunctions) necessary to avoid injury, fire, or damage to social credibility that may
result should any of our products malfunction.
! The semiconductor product described in this document is not designed or manufactured for use in a device or
a system required to demonstrate mission-critical reliability or safety, or whose malfunction may directly cause
injuries or endanger human life. Contact us before using the product for any of the following special or specific
Special applications
Transport equipment (e.g., automobiles and ships), communications equipment for a backbone network, traffic
signal equipment, disaster or crime prevention equipment, medical devices, various types of safety equipment,
and other applications
Specific applications
Nuclear power control systems, aircraft equipment, aerospace equipment, submarine repeaters, medical
equipment used in life-support, and other applications
! Even if the equipment is not designed for a special or specific application, please consult with us before using
any of our IC products in equipment required to run continuously for extended periods.
We provide support for circuit design to ensure safe use of our IC products. Please contact one of
our sales representatives or our product marketing department if you have any questions.

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