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Part MCZ5303
Description Starter IC with High-Efficiency Burst Function
Feature Confidential MCZ5303SG, MCZ5303SH Application Manual Vol. 1.0 Starter IC with High-Efficiency Burst.
Manufacture Shindengen
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Confidential MCZ5303SG, MCZ5303SH Application Manual Vol. 1. MCZ5303 Datasheet
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MCZ5303SG, MCZ5303SH Application Manual Vol. 1.0
Starter IC with High-Efficiency Burst Function
MCZ5305SG is an optional IC for LLC control IC to allow you to use a current
resonance power supply in various applications. It is an IC that adds self-
start function, burst function, and AC line monitoring function to an existing
control IC.
MCZ5303SH is an IC made by removing the AC line monitoring function and
the control logic from MCZ5305SG. It can be also used as start circuit part of
general power supply control ICs.
The functions, specifications, etc. described in this document are subject to
change without notice.
Do not disclose the contents to outside parties.
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Electronic Device Division
CAT.No. 1H0400-1E

MCZ5303SG, MCZ5303SH Application Manual Vol. 1.0
Cautions for Use
Thank you for purchasing our products. This manual contains important information on the safe use of our products. Your safety is of
the utmost importance to us.
Please read these instructions carefully before using our products.
The following symbols mean:
Improper use of the products can result in death, serious injury, or expensive damage to
! Caution
Improper use of the products can result in minor injuries or damage to equipment.
Although we are constantly making every effort to improve the quality and reliability of our
products, there nevertheless remains a certain probability that the semiconductor products may
occasionally fail or malfunction. Please take careful precautions against product failures or
malfunctions to avoid any injuries, fire accidents or social loss by implementing safety designs
such as redundancy designs, designs for fire spread prevention, and designs for preventing
Our semiconductor products listed in this document are not designed or manufactured to be used
in devices or systems requiring extremely high levels of quality and reliability, or the failure or
malfunction of which may directly threaten human lives or cause injury.
In the cases where the products are to be used in devices or systems for special applications or
devices or systems for specialized applications shown below, always make sure to consult us in
Special Applications
Transportation devices (automotive, marine, etc.), communication devices for core
network, traffic signal devices, fire prevention/anticrime devices, various safety
devices, medical devices, etc.
Specialized Applications
Nuclear power control systems, aircraft and aerospace devices, submarine relay devices, and
systems for preserving life, etc.
Even if it is not for a special or specialized application, when IC products are to be used for
devices or systems that are desired to last for a long period under continuous operation, please
make sure to consult us in advance.
! Caution Do not attempt under any conditions to repair or modify IC products by yourself. Doing so could
result in electric shock, device breakage, fire, and malfunction.
When an abnormal condition occurs, an excessive voltage or under voltage may be generated
! Caution across the output terminals of the circuit.
Install preventative measures (e.g. over-voltage protection, over-current protection) for the device
by considering the possibility of a malfunction and/or breakage of a load in an abnormal condition.
Do not switch on the circuit before confirming the proper connection and polarity of input and
output terminals as an erroneous connection may cause breakage of the protection device or
Do not use the circuit beyond the rated input voltage and install a protection device on the input
Caution rail to prevent smoke/fire that may be caused from an abnormal condition.
If a breakdown or other abnormal condition occurs during the use of the device, immediately stop
power to the device and consult us at your earliest possible convenience.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the contents of this manual without prior notice in accordance with modifications to IC
Details of specifications should be exchanged at the adoption of the IC products.
All information included in this manual is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, our company takes no responsibility for any injury
or damage incurred when using the IC products as described in this manual. Neither do we take any responsibility for issues arising from
infringement of patent or other rights caused by using this manual.
The provision of this manual does not guarantee the right to use any third party’s patent or other rights, or grant
permission to use the patent or other rights of our company.
No part of this manual may be reproduced or copied without the specific written consent of Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
We are happy to provide circuit design support for safe use of the IC. Please consult our sales representative.
CAT.No. 1H0400-1E

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