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Part RP152x
Description 150 mA Dual LDO Regulator
Feature RP152x Series 150 mA Dual LDO Regulator with Sequence Control NO.EA-200-150710 OUTLINE The RP152x.
Manufacture RICOH
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RP152x Series 150 mA Dual LDO Regulator with Sequence Contr RP152x Datasheet
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RP152x Series
150 mA Dual LDO Regulator with Sequence Control
The RP152x is a CMOS-based voltage regulator that provides high ripple rejection, low dropout voltage, high
output voltage accuracy, and low supply current. Internally, the RP152x consists of a voltage reference unit,
an error amplifier, resistors for setting output voltage, a short current limit circuit, and a chip enable circuit.
Moreover, the RP152xxxxC consists of a start-up sequence circuit.
The RP152x is available in fixed output voltage options. Besides the low supply current by CMOS, the RP152x
offers a low dropout voltage by built-in low ON resistance Tr. as well as an extended battery life by a chip
enable function. Compared with the existing CMOS-based regulators, the RP152x is further improved in ripple
rejection, line transient response, and load transient response. All these features allow the RP152x to become
ideal power sources for hand-held communication equipment.
The RP152x is offered in a 6-pin SOT-23-6 package and a 6-pin DFN1212-6 package. Both packages are
equipped with two LDOs which can achieve high-density mounting.
Supply Current ························································Typ. 40 µA x 2
Standby Current ······················································Typ. 0.1µA x 2
Ripple Rejection ······················································Typ. 70 dB, f = 1 kHz
Input Voltage Range ·················································1.4 V to 5.25 V
Output Voltage Range···············································0.8 V to 3.6 V, 0.1 V step
Output Voltage Accuracy ···········································±1.0%, VSET > 2.0 V, Ta = 25°C
Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Output Voltage ··············Typ. ±80 ppm/°C
Dropout Voltage·······················································Typ. 0.20 V, IOUT = 150 mA, VSET = 2.8 V
Line Regulation ·······················································Typ. 0.02%/ V
Packages·······························································DFN1212-6, SOT-23-6
Short-current Limit Circuit ··········································Typ. 40 mA
Ceramic Capacitor Compatible ···································0.22 µF or more
Power source for portable communication equipment
Power source for electrical appliances such as cameras, VCRs and camcorders
Power source for battery-powered equipment

The set output voltage, the package type and the auto discharge function1 are user-selectable options.
Selection Guide
Product Name
Quantity per Reel
5,000 pcs
3,000 pcs
Pb Free
Halogen Free
xxx: Specify the combination of set output voltage (VSET) within the range of 0.8 V to 3.6 V in 0.1 V step.
Refer to MARK SPECIFICATION TABLE for details.
Specify the auto-discharge options and the start-up sequence options.
(A) Auto-discharge function is not included
(B) Auto-discharge function is included
(C) Start-up sequence is included, auto-discharge functions is included
1 Auto-discharge function quickly lowers the output voltage to 0 V by releasing the electrical charge accumulated in the
external capacitor when the chip enable signal is switched from the active mode to the standby mode.

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