CAM SoC. GM8128 Datasheet

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GM8128 Datasheet
Recommendation GM8128 Datasheet
Part GM8128
Description H.264 IP CAM SoC
Feature GM8128; GM8125/GM8126/GM8128 H.264 IP CAM SOC Data Sheet Rev.: 0.4 Issue Date: June 2011 Date Sept. 2010 Fe.
Manufacture Grain Media
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Grain Media GM8128
Data Sheet
Rev.: 0.4
Issue Date: June 2011

Grain Media GM8128

Grain Media GM8128
Sept. 2010
Feb. 2011
Mar. 2011
Jun. 2011
GM8125/GM8126/GM8128 Data Sheet
Added the MP Chip specification
Updated the specification
z Updated the description of Operating Voltage in
Section 1.2
z Updated Table 2-1, Table 2-2, Table 4-21, Table 32-9,
and Table 33-2
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