Part Number AN17821A
Manufacturer Panasonic
Title BTL 5W x 2-Channel Power Amplifier
Description ... 5 „ Absolute Maximum Ratings .... 5 MaDinistecnoanntincueed „ Operat...
Features ennu…t.gttistirynyneUp……ottauyyn…bcpp.topee…luadiftne…lacasyt…eocsnle…ticisn.…ctfaoog….rjemp.…/aetn…io/n…. ………. 5 SDB00136AEB 2 AN17821A AN17821A BTL 5.0 W × 2-channel power amplifier with standby function and volume function „ Applications y ICs for low frequency amplifie...

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AN17821A : of test circuit and test method) Test Circuit 1 AN17821A 1 + 470µ OUT1 8Ω Vcc 0V 2 3 4 10µ + 5 270k 6 + 7 1.0µ 10k + 8 1.0µ 10k 9 10 11 12 68k 5V Stand-by Vin1 Vin2 0V Volume 1.25V OUT2 8Ω Note) If the standby pin is open or 0V, the IC is on standby state. The IC is in the state of volume minimum if the Volume pin is ground. The IC is in the state of volume maximum if the Volume pin is open. Eff. Date 06-MAR-2002 Eff. Date Eff. Date Eff. Date Semiconductor Company, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. FMSC-PSDA-002-01 Rev.1 Prepared Checked Product Specifications Ref No. Total Page Page No. D 9 5 Approved AN17821A Circuit Function Block Di.

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