P1500MC Datasheet PDF

Part Number P1500MC
Manufacturer WPM
Title Thyristors Solid Protection Device Bidirectional transient voltage suppressors
Description PxxxxSC MC Series Thyristors Solid Protection Device PxxxxSC MC Series Thyristors Solid Protection Device Bidirectional transient voltage suppres...
 For surface mounted applications to optimize board space
 Low profile package
 Bidirectional crowbar protection
 Low leakage current : I = 5uA max
 Low on-state voltage
 Low Capacitance
 Response Time is 1us
 YD/T 950 IEC 61000-4-5
 YD/T 993 ITU K.20/21
 YD/T 1082 TIA-968-A
 GR 1089 In...

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Datasheet P1500MC PDF File

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