Part Number 0402CS
Manufacturer Coilcraft
Title Chip Inductors
Description Web page Sample & buy Tools & software Support & FAQ Document 198-1 Chip Inductors – 0402CS (1005) Inductance (nH) Continuing in our long t...
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0402CGxxxx : Rated Voltage UR (DC): NP0 Dielectric Capacitance Range (E12 series): NP0 (CG) NPO (CG) Dielectric PARAMETER 10V,16V, 25V, 50 V & 100V 1pF to 0.01uF Tolerance of Capacitance at Tamb=20ºC: NP0 (CG): C 5pF(standard is ±0.25pF 5pF ≤ C 10pF (standard is ±0.50pF) APPLICATIONS • Computer Industries • Communication Electronics • Consumer Electronics • Automotive Electronics Detailed Specification: C ≥10pF (standard is ±5%) Test Voltage (DC) for 1 Minute: Sectional Specifications: ±0.25pF, ±0.1pF & ±0.05pF ±0.50pF, ±0.25pF ±5%, ±2% & ±1% 2.5 ×UR IEC 60384-10, Second edition 1989-04; Also based on CECC 32 100 Based on CECC 32 101-801 CROSS-SECTION CONSTRUCTION The ceramic capacitor consist.

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