Part Number LP3368
Manufacturer Lowpowersemi
Title Dual Channel Charge Pump LED Driver
Description The LP3368 charge pump LED driver is designed for powering dual channel high brightness LEDs for camera flash applications. The LP3368 automatical...
Features ...

File Size 1.22MB
Datasheet LP3368 PDF File

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LP3360 : 3 mm (T1) LED, Diffused LR 3360, LS 3360, LO 3360, LY 3360, LG 3360, LP 3360 fBesondere Merkmale • Gehäusetyp: eingefärbtes, diffuses 3 mm (T1) Gehäuse • Besonderheit des Bauteils: Lötspieße mit Aufsetzebene • Wellenlänge: 645 nm (rot), 628 nm (super-rot), 606 nm (orange), 587 nm (gelb), 570 nm (grün), 560 nm (pure green) • Abstrahlwinkel: 70° • Technologie: GaAlP (rot, super-rot, orange, gelb, grün), GaP (pure green) • optischer Wirkungsgrad: 0,4 lm/W (rot), 1,5 lm/W (super-rot, orange, gelb), 2,5 lm/W (grün), 0,6 lm/W (pure green) • Gruppierungsparameter: Lichtstärke • Lötmethode: Wellenlöten (TTW) • Verpackung: Schüttgut, gegurtet lieferbar Features • package: colored, diffused 3 mm (T1.

LP3360 : 3 mm (T1) LED, Diffused Besondere Merkmale q eingefärbtes, diffuses Gehäuse q als optischer Indikator einsetzbar q Lötspieße mit Aufsetzebene q gegurtet lieferbar q Störimpulsfest nach DIN 40839 Features q colored, diffused package q for use as optical indicator q solder leads with stand-off q available taped on reel q load dump resistant acc. to DIN 40839 LR 3360, LS 3360, LO 3360 LY 3360, LG 3360, LP 3360 VEX06710 Semiconductor Group 1 1998-07-13 LR 3360, LS 3360, LO 3360 LY 3360, LG 3360, LP 3360 Typ Type LR 3360-DG LR 3360-F LR 3360-G LR 3360-FJ LS 3360-HL LS 3360-K LS 3360-L LS 3360-KN LO 3360-HL LO 3360-K LO 3360-L LO 3360-JM LY 3360-HL LY 3360-K LY 3360-L LY 3360-KN LG 3360-HL .

LP3367 : Features — Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 5.5V The LP3367 buck/boost charge pump LED driver is — Adjustable FLASH Mode Current designed for powering high brightness white LEDs for — Output Current up to 1A camera flash applications. The LP3367 automatically — Up to 95% Efficiency in TORCH Mode switches modes between step-up and step-down — Automatic Buck/Boost Mode Switchover ensuring that LED current does not depend on the — Minimum External Components: No Inductors forward voltage. The LP3367 provides two current — 1uA Quiescent Current levels for TORCH and FLASH modes. In TOUCH — 2 MHz High Frequency Operation mode, The LED current sense reference voltage is — 50mV. The LED curre.

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