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Part Number 1N759A
Manufacturer NTE
Title Zener Diode
Description 1N746A thru 1N759A Zener Diode, 1/2 Watt 5% Tolerance Features: D Zener Voltage 3.3 to 12V D DO35 Package Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25C...
Features D Zener Voltage 3.3 to 12V D DO35 Package Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25C unless otherwise specified) DC Power Dissipation, PD . 500mW Operating Junction Temperature, TJ . ...

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Datasheet 1N759A PDF File

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1N759 : SYMBOL VALUE UNIT Zener Voltage ZV 3.3 to 12 V D C Power Dissipation PD 400 mW Derating Above 50 deg C 3.2 mW/deg C Operating & Storage Junction Tj,Tstg -65 to +175 deg C Temperature Range ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25 deg C Unless otherwise Specified , VF 1.5V @ 200mA Device Nominal* Zener Maximum Maximum @ VR Maximum Typ Type# Zener Test Zener Reverse Current Zener Temp (1) Voltage Current Impedance @25 deg C @ +150 deg C Current Coeff of Zener VZ @ IZT IZT Zzt @ IZT max max IZM Voltage *vz (V) (mA) (Ohms) (uA) (uA) (V) (mA) (% deg C) 1N746 3.3 20 28 10 30 1.0 110 -0.066 1N747 3.6 20 24 10 30 1.0 100 -0.058 1N748 3.9 20 23 10 .

1N759 : The popular 1N746 thru 1N759A and 1N4370 thru 1N4372A series of 0.5 watt Zener Voltage Regulators provides a selection from 2.4 to 12 volts in standard 5% or 10% tolerances as well as tighter tolerances identified by different suffix letters on the part number. These glass axial-leaded DO-35 Zeners are also available with an internal-metallurgical-bond option by adding a “-1” suffix as well as RoHS Compliant by adding an “e3” suffix. Microsemi also offers numerous other Zener products to meet higher and lower power applications. IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website: APPEARANCE DO-35 (DO-204AH) FEATURES • JEDEC registered 1N746 thru 1N75.

1N759 : 1N746-1N759 High-reliability discrete products and engineering services since 1977 SILICON PLANAR ZENER DIODES FEATURES  Available as “HR” (high reliability) screened per MIL-PRF-19500, JANTX level. Add “HR” suffix to base part number.  Available as non-RoHS (Sn/Pb plating), standard, and as RoHS by adding “-PBF” suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS Operating and Storage Temperature Thermal Resistance Steady State Power Forward Voltage @ 200mA Solder Temperatures: -65 to +175°C 250°C/W junction to lead at 3/8” lead length from body 0.5 Watts at TL ≤ 50°C 1.1 Volts 260°C for 10 s (max) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified) Normal Zener Zener Maximum Zener Part Numbe.

1N759 : MCC Features • • •   omponents 21201 Itasca Street Chatsworth    !"# $ %    !"# 1N746 THRU 1N759 Zener Voltage 3.3V to 12V Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes Standards zener voltage tolerance is ±10% , Add suffix “A” for ±5% tolerance, other tolerances are available upon request 0.5W Silicon Planar Zener Diodes • • • Mechanical Data Case: DO-35 glass case Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end Weight: Approx. 0.13 gram DO-35 Maximum Ratings Symbol Zener Current Power Dissipation @ T A=50oC Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Ptot TJ TSTG Value See Table 1 500 175 -65 to 175 Units mW o o D C C A Cathode Mark B D Ele.

1N759 : 1N746 THRU 1N759 SILICON PLANAR ZENER DIODES Features Silicon Planar Zener Diodes 10%. Add suffix “A” Standard Zener voltage tolerance is for 5% tolerance. Other tolerances, non standard and higher Zener voltages upon request. DIM ENSIONS DIM A B C D inches Min. 1.083 Max. 0.154 0.075 0.020 Min. 27.50 mm Max. 3.9 1.9 0.52 Note Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25 ) Symbols Values Units Zener current see Table "Characteristics" Power dissipation at Tamb=50 Junction Temperature Storage temperature range Ptot Tj TS 400 1) mW 175 -65 to +175 Note: (1) Valid provided that leads at a distance of 8 mm from case are kept at ambient temperature. Characteristics Thermal resistance junction to amb.

1N759 : .

1N759 : PARTY INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED SILICON PLANAR ZENER DIODES Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 10%. Add suffix "A" for ± 5% tolerance. Other tolerances, nonstandard and higher Zener voltages are upon request. 1N746...1N759 DIODE Max. 0.5 Max. 1.9 Min. 27.5 Black Cathode Band Black Part No. Black "ST" Brand XXX ST Max. 3.9 Min. 27.5 Glass Case DO-35 Dimensions in mm Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25 OC) Parameter Symbol Value Power Dissipation Ptot 500 1) Junction Temperature Tj 175 Storage Temperature Range TStg - 65 to + 175 1) Valid provided that leads are kept at ambient temperature at a distance of 8 mm from case Unit mW OC OC Characteristics at Ta = 25 OC Parameter.

1N759 : ® MOTOROLA Designers Data Sheet a lN746 thru lN759 lN957A thru lN986A lN4370 thru lN4372 GLASS ZENER DIODES 500 MILLIWATTS 2.4-110 VOLTS MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating De Power Dissipation @ TL .. 50oe, Lead Length =3/S" *JEOEC Registration °Derate above T L = 500 e Motorola Device Ratings Derate above TL =500 e Operating Bnd Storage Junction Temperature Range *JEDEC Registration Motorola Device Ratings "Indicates JEDEC Registered Data. MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Svmbol Po TJ, Tstg SOO-MILLIWATT HERMETICALLY SEALED GLASS SILICON ZENER DIODES • Complete Voltage Range - 2.4 to 110 Volts • 00·35 Package - Smaller than Conventional 00·7 Package • Double Slug Type Construction • Metallurgically Bon.

1N759A : 1N4370A Series 500 mW DO-35 Hermetically Sealed Glass Zener Voltage Regulators This is a complete series of 500 mW Zener diodes with limits and excellent operating characteristics that reflect the superior capabilities of silicon–oxide passivated junctions. All this in an axial–lead hermetically sealed glass package that offers protection in all common environmental conditions. Specification Features: • Zener Voltage Range – 2.4 V to 12 V • ESD Rating of Class 3 (16 KV) per Human Body Model • DO–204AH (DO–35) Package – Smaller than Conventional DO–204AA Package • Double Slug Type Construction • Metallurgical Bonded Construction Mechanical Characteristics: CASE: Double slug type, hermetical.

1N759A : • 1N746A-1 THRU 1N759-1 AVAILABLE IN JAN, JANTX AND JANTXV PER MIL-PRF-19500/127 • 1N4370A-1 THRU 1N4372A-1 AVAILABLE IN JAN, JANTX AND JANTXV PER MIL-PRF-19500/127 • DOUBLE PLUG CONSTRUCTION • METALLURGICALLY BONDED 1N746 thru 1N759A and 1N746A-1 thru 1N759A-1 and 1N4370 thru 1N4372A and 1N4370A-1 thru 1N4372A-1 MAXIMUM RATINGS Operating Temperature: -65°C to +175°C Storage Temperature: -65°C to +175°C DC Power Dissipation: 500 mW @ +50°C Power Derating: 4 mW / °C above +50°C Forward Voltage @ 200mA: 1.1 volts maximum ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ 25°C JEDEC TYPE NUMBER (NOTE 1) NOMINAL ZENER VOLTAGE VZ @ 1ZT (NOTE 2) VOLTS 1N4370A 1N4371A 1N4372A 1N746A 1N747A 1N748A 1N749A 1N750A 1N7.

1N759A : VISHAY 1N746A to 1N759A Vishay Semiconductors Zener Diodes \ Features • Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes. • Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5 % for "A" suffix. 94 9367 Mechanical Data Case: DO-35 Glass Case Weight: approx. 130 mg Packaging codes/options: TR / 10k per 13 " reel, 30k/box TAP / 10k per Ammo tape (52 mm tape), 30k/box Absolute Maximum Ratings Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Zenner current (see Table "Characteristics") Power dissipation 1) Test condition Tamb = 75 °C Symbol Ptot Value 500 1) Unit W TL is measured that leads at a distance of 3/8 " from case are kept at ambient temperature Maximum Thermal Resistance Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherw.

1N759A : 1N746A - 1N759A Series Discrete POWER & Signal Technologies N 1N746A - 1N759A Series Half Watt Zeners Absolute Maximum Ratings* Parameter Storage Temperature Range Maximum Junction Operating Temperature Lead Temperature (1/16” from case for 10 seconds) Total Device Dissipation Derate above 25°C TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Tolerance: A = 5% Value -65 to +200 + 175 + 230 500 3.33 Units °C °C °C mW mW/ °C * These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of the diode may be impaired. DO-35 NOTES: 1) These ratings are based on a maximum junction temperature of 200 degrees C. 2) These are steady state limits. The factory should be consulted on applications involving p.

1N759A : Zener Diode 1N746A-1N759A Features: • High reliability. • Very sharp reverse characteristic. • Zener voltage 3.3V to 12V. • Vz-tolerance ±5%. Applications: Voltage stabilization Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Power dissipation Z-current Junction temperature Storage temperature range Tj = 25°C Test Conditions Tamb ≤ 75°C - Symbol Pv Iz Tj Tstg Value 500 Pv/Vz 200 -65 to +200 Maximum Thermal Resistance Tj = 25°C Parameter Test Conditions Symbol Value Junction ambient I = 9.5mm (3/8 inches) TL = constant RthJA 300 Stresses exceeding maximum ratings may damage the device. Maximum ratings are stress ratings only. Functional operation above the recommended operating conditions i.

1N759A : Silicon Zener Diode Series 1N746 thru 1N759, 1N4370A thru 1N4372A Features • Available in JAN, JANTX and JANTXV per MIL-PRF-19500/127 • Double Plug Construction • Metallurgically Bonded • Also available in DO-213 MELF style package Maximum Ratings Operating Temperature: -65°C to +175°C Storage Temperature: -65°C to +175°C DC Power Dissipation: 500 mW @ +50°C Power Derating: 4 mW / °C above +50°C Forward Voltage @ 200mA: 1.1 volts maximum Electrical Specifications @ +25 ºC (Unless Otherwise Specified) JEDEC TYPE NUMBER (NOTE 1) 1N4370A 1N4371A 1N4372A 1N746A 1N747A 1N748A 1N749A 1N750A 1N751A 1N752A 1N753A 1N754A 1N755A 1N756A 1N757A 1N758A 1N759A NOMINAL ZENER VOLTAGE VZ @ IZT VOLTS 2.4 2.

1N759A : Zeners 1N4370A - 1N4372A 1N746A - 1N759A Zeners 1N4370A - 1N4372A 1N746A - 1N759A Absolute Maximum Ratings * TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Value PD Power Dissipation @ TL ≤ 75°C, Lead Length = 3/8” 500 Derate above 75°C 4.0 TJ, TSTG Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65 to +200 * These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of the diode may be impaired. Units mW mW/°C °C Tolerance = 5% DO-35 Glass case COLOR BAND DENOTES CATHODE Electrical Characteristics TA=25°C unless otherwise noted Device VZ (V) @ IZ = 20mA (Note 1) Min. Typ. Max. ZZ (Ω) @ IZ = 20mA 1N4370A 1N4371A 1N4372A 1N746A 1N747A 2.28 2.57 2.85 3.14 3.42 2.4 2.7 3.

1N759A : The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 1N746A series silicon Zener diode is a highly reliable voltage regulator designed for use in industrial, commercial, entertainment and computer applications. MARKING: Devices shall either be marked with the prefix ‘C’ followed by the full part number or by the marking code in the Electrical Characteristics Table. DO-35 CASE MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TL=75°C) Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Junction Temperature SYMBOL PD TJ, Tstg 500 -65 to +200 UNITS mW °C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: (TA=25°C) VF=1.5V MAX @ IF=200mA (for all types) Type Zener Voltage VZ @ IZT Test Current Maximum Zener Impedance MIN NOM MAX IZT ZZT @ IZT V V V mA Ω Maximum Reverse Leak.

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