CMSD7000 Datasheet PDF

Part Number CMSD7000
Manufacturer Central Semiconductor
Description The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMSD7000 type is a ultra-high speed silicon switching diodes manufactured by the epitaxial planar process, in an epoxy ...
Features F=100mA 0.75 1.10 V VR=0, f=1.0MHz 1.5 2.6 pF IR=IF=10mA, Irr=1.0mA, RL=100Ω 2.0 4.0 ns R5 (18-December 2023) CMSD7000 SURFACE MOUNT DUAL, IN SERIES SILICON SWITCHING DIODES SOT-323 CASE - MECHANICAL OUTLINE PIN CONFIGURATION LEAD CODE: 1) Anode D2 2) Cathode D1 3) Anode D1, Cathod...

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Datasheet CMSD7000 PDF File

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