Part Number 3197
Manufacturer Allegro MicroSystems
Description 3197 PROTECTED, HIGH-TEMPERATURE, OPEN-COLLECTOR HALL-EFFECT LATCH These open-collector Hall-effect latches are capable of sensing magnetic field...
Features I I I I I I I I I I Internal Protection For Automotive (ISO/DIN) Transients Operation From Unregulated Supply Reverse Battery Protection Undervoltage Lockout Supply Noise-Suppression Circuitry Output Short-Circuit Protection Output Zener Clamp Thermal Protection Symmetrical Latching Switch Points Op...

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319 : The UTC 319 is particularly designed for a single phase DC motor driver circuit. It includes hall sensor and output coil drivers. The range of the operating voltage and the operation current is typically 0.3A. The UTC 319 is a well performance integrated IC with less required external components. The high sensitivity of Hall effect sensor is suitable for motors from mini-type CPU coolers to blowers and DC fans.  FEATURES * Operating Voltage Ranges Widely from 3.0V to 20V * 1 Chip Hall Sensor/Drivers * Output Thermal Shutdown Protect Circuit * Output Sink Current up to 300Ma  ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering Number 319G-G04-K Package SIP-4 Packing Bulk  MARKING Copyr.

31945-MP : 31945-MP IR Remote Control Receiver IR module for Arduino, Rasberry-Pi and OtherControllers Mini receiver module using the VD1838B I/R Digital receiver. Designed for remote control systems with the opto PIN diode, pre-amp, filtering, demodulator in one small package. Uses 1 pin of the microcontroller GPIO. Code libraries, applications and Information & Freeware available through:, and others. Data Format: Transmitter/Controller dependant Power: 5VDC Frequency: 38KHz Output: TTL compatable Data, Current Sink Connection: 3 Pin .1in. Pitch Header Data I/R signal should follow the following guidlines Burst length: 6 Cycles Gap Length: 9 Cycles (14ms.

3195 : 3195 PROTECTED, HIGH-TEMP., ACTIVE PULL-DOWN HALL-EFFECT LATCH 3195 These Hall-effect latches are capable of sensing magnetic fields while using an unprotected power supply. The A3195– can provide position and speed information by providing a digital output for magnetic fields that exceed their predefined switch points. These devices operate down to zero speed and have switch points that are designed to be extremely stable over a wide operating temperature and voltage range. The latching characteristics make them ideal for use in pulse counting applications when used with a multi-pole ring magnet. A 25 mA high-side driver combined with an active pull-down is especially useful for driving ca.

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