Part Number SNC589
Manufacturer SONiX
Title Two Channel Direct Drive Speech Controller
Description I Bit3 ~ Bit0 of Input port 1 I/O Bit3 ~ Bit0 of I/O port 2 I/O Bit3 ~ Bit0 of I/O port 3 O Bit3 ~ Bit0 of Output port 4 O Bit3 ~ Bit0 of Output p...
Features Single power supply 2.4V
  – 5.5V 61 seconds voice capacity are provided(@6KHZ sample rate) Built in a 4-bit tiny controller One 4-bit input port, two 4-bit output ports and three 4-bit I/O ports are provided 128*4 bits RAM are provided 184K*10 ROM size are provided for voice data and program Maximum ...

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